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Nails with zero toxins and infinite possibilities start here.

By Acquarella

Size: 12.5 ml / 0.42 oz

Acquarella Conditioner


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Nails with zero toxins and infinite possibilities start here.

Sorry, but this product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

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Detoxification of your nails begins with Acquarella Conditioner - the perfect product to get your nails clean and ready for Acquarella Nail Polish. Based on the same innovative water based technology used in Acquarella Nail Polish, the Conditioner is designed as the first step to clear oils and emollients from your nails and can be used thereafter as a clear polish. With zero fumes and toxins you can take Acquarella Conditioner and apply it on the go – anytime, anywhere giving you infinite possibilities.


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By Lms on April 9, 2014

Great for general wear & for improving nail health 5

Love this polish! It's nice knowing you can still have fun painting your toenails in the summer without exposing your body to large amounts of harsh chemicals and toxins. I love the conditioner for general wear as it goes on clear. This polish helps to remind me not to bite my nails and I don't risk ingesting harsh chemicals & toxins if I do end up biting them.

By Valentina on October 8, 2012

An easy first step to detoxing and conditioning your nails 4

At first I thought this conditioning process was just too complicated. But I made a commitment to getting off the toxic stuff and jumped in. It's really not a bother at all. Just four days of buffing and treating my nails with this conditioner for a few minutes here and there and I was good to go, feeling great about myself for moving in a new direction in regards to my health and beauty.

Directions for use

Using Acquarella Conditioner (Clear), follow all the numbered steps below each day for three days. Make sure to remove all existing Conditioner each day before reapplication and buff nails only on the first day. This process “detoxifies” your nails from residual oils and emollients. After the third day, you are ready for Acquarella Nail Polish.
Helpful Tip: Try applying Acquarella fifteen to twenty minutes before retiring in the evening. This allows the polish to “cure” while you sleep for better wear.
1) Remove existing nail polish. Wash hands and nails with soap and water.
2) Buff nails to create a smooth nail surface. See Buffer Kit instructions for more information.
3) Swab nails with Acquarella Remover to clean nails and remove buffing debris.
4) Rinse nails thoroughly with clean water and dry.
5) Apply two thin coats of Acquarella Conditioner.


Aqua (CAS: 7732-18-5), Styrene Acrylates Copolymer, Acrylates Copolymer. Product contains no hazardous components under current OSHA definitions.

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