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About Acquarella

Water-based Nail Polishes

Acquarella is the nail polish that really delivers zero toxins, fumes and excuses. With our innovative water based technology and holistic approach to nail polish, Acquarella allows infinite options for many to now wear nail polish where it was impossible, impractical or otherwise unavailable before. Unlike the few water based nail polish products on the market, the team at Acquarella actually hand-crafts their product to be the highest quality product available. Our inspiration started with the founder developing safe, effective nail polish for her grandchildren. We’ve built on that legacy with a complete suite of water based products, including Acquarella Conditioner, Nail Polish and Remover, that contains zero toxic or unwanted chemicals of which Acquarella receives the highest safety rating on the EWG’s Cosmetics Database.

Organic Credentials

  • PETA Cruelty-Free Certified
  • EWG Skin Deep Category Leading Products
  • Champion Status – Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

What makes this brand special?

Acquarella’s holistic focus on all products needed for proper nail polish experience is completely different than conventional or other water based nail polish brands. Usability and safety both begin and end with what you’re applying to the nails and how you take it off. Other water based nail polishes claim safety, then either have questionable removers or non-transparent disclosure of their products. Our products are specifically designed to work together, in a safe and effective manner, all the while believing that the more information you know about what you’re putting on your body, the better.

Standout Products

Buffer Kit $3.75 4 The surface of your nails will sparkle with this complete set of tools.Out of stock