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Reviews for Nail Polish

By Acquarella

Average rating: 4.2 out of 5 hearts
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By Ruby on May 4, 2014

Formula did not stay on 2

I had high hopes for this nail polish, but the formula didn’t work for me, even when using it along with the Acquarella buffer kit, nail polish remover, and conditioner. The polish started coming off within 2-3 days, and rather than chipping off like a conventional polish, it starts flaking off in strips, almost like flaky paint. I do recommend the conditioner since it is nice and natural and color retention is not an issue.

By Kathiann on December 27, 2013

A Little Patients... 5

I really like these polishes. The only thing is, you have to follow the directions. You have to go through the whole process of buffing and polishing your nails first; but it doesn’t take too long to do that. Another key is, it’s better to do a few light coats (usually 2, never had to do more than 3) rather than try to get it done in one thick coat. And you might have to let the coats dry for a few minutes each if you’re getting streaks. But for the ingredients it’s made of, I’d say it’s worth the hassle. Conventional nail polish is one of the most toxic thing you can put on your body, this is MUCH better.

By Littleone on September 23, 2013

Streaky 3

French Vanilla and vixen colors were excellent, but the application was streaky. Dries nice and shiny, but probably won’t buy these colors again due to the streaky finish.

By Littleone on September 23, 2013

Excellent polish 5

Sparkling cider, sleek, jaunty, girly, pomegranate, livid, Quinceañera, and wicked are excellent colors and the application went on smooth. Dries shiny and fast. Quinceañera required at least 5 to 6 coats. The others required two coats. The color lasts 3 weeks on my toes without any chipping. On my hands, the polish doesn’t seems to last, to be honest i need to change it everyday, but it is worth it to stay away from chemicals. Other than that I would buys these colors again. I am totally switching to non toxic nail polish. No more chemicals for me.

By Natalie on August 31, 2013

love Love LOVE 5

This is the first water-based nail polish I have ever tried, and I’m so happy I did! Beautiful colours look so great on.

My tips for best results: 1. Really put an effort into doing the beginning conditioning process… I did it for five days exactly the way they said and it made the biggest difference. 2. Apparently people found the polish tedious to remove, but I rinse my nails in water (and leave them wet) before taking the polish off because the extra water really helps break down the polish for way easier removal.

On myself it doesn’t last as long as conventional nail polish but I am very harsh on my hands and cook so much I wash them constantly. This doesn’t deter me at all from the product because it is so quick to put a fresh coat of polish on and dries super fast! It’s safe to say I’m in love with this product!

By Eo on June 20, 2013

Great Longlasting Polish, Slightly Off Color Swatches 5

I rarely ever use nail polish because I hate the smell of both the polish and the remover. I was pleasantly surprised with this nail polish. The color didn’t quite match the site (cameo was a bit more neon then I expected), the polish was fantastic. I used the remover first and followed the instructions. The polish stayed on my toes for 3 weeks with no chipping and I am definitely not gentle on my feet. Removing the polish was a bit of a challenge even with the acquarella remover.

By Kim on June 10, 2013

Amazing, Condition and Impress!! 5

You MUST use the conditioner for the nail polish to work correctly! It will not adhere to nails that have use conventional polish for years, the conditioner cleanses the chemicals out of the nails and then the polish will last for days, no chipping, no peeling! Your nails will be all the better for it! I am purchasing more of this polish today in addition to my current 3 colours, and I’m tossing out all my old chemical polish!

By Adee on March 28, 2013

Not what i hoped for 2

I love the idea of a water based polish, and I normally never wear polish because I don’t like the the chemicals that are in them. I applied to clean toe nails and unfortunately most of it just peeled off an hour later. I am going to buy the nail conditioner and see if using that makes a difference. I hope so.

By Mb on February 14, 2013

So far so good 4

So far I’m very happy with this polish. It’s completely fragrance free and goes on smooth and shiny. I’ve used Wicked which is a bit brighter than pictured but beautiful all the same. This is the brand I’m sticking with for my nails.

By Heather on January 24, 2013

Save your money! 2

Love how smoothly it applies, but it always chips within the hour (for no apparent reason), and I have to reapply (touch up) daily until it’s so bad that I have to remove the polish altogether (after 3 days). Huge waste of money in my experience. Too bad, because I love the idea of this product.