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Reviews for Remover

By Acquarella

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By Marcy on February 27, 2013

Good, with a touch of compromise 4

I think you have to adjust your expectations a bit when it comes to non-toxic, chemical-free products like this. Frankly, sometimes they don’t work as quick and as well as the mainstream products do, but that’s a compromise I’m willing to make for my health and the environment. It’s a choice. So, yes, this takes a little longer and requires a little elbow grease to rub off your polish – and no, it doesn’t really work on regular nail polish because the water based polishes are a whole other formulation. But otherwise, with that realistic perspective, it’s a good polish remover and a necessary thing to buy if you’re going to make the healthy switch to Acauarella nail care.

By Kr on February 20, 2013

No bad smell, hard to get off polish 3

In terms of smell, this remover is great. No overpowering odor. Not so quick though and you have to use a lot, so only 3 stars for me.

By Kim on December 17, 2012

Doesn't Live up to Expectations 2

It’s nice to not have that overbearing acetone smell every time that I remove my nail polish, however, this remover doesn’t work on normal nail polish at all (Fair warning) and It barely works on the Acquarella nail polish either, unless there is some trick I am missing, but it says only a cotton pad and the remover. Doesn’t live up to expectations, I still have to use my regular remover :(

By Ute on October 4, 2012

A must if you're getting an Acquarella polish 5

If you’re buying the Acquarella nail polishes (and you should – fantastic colours and no fumes!) don’t forget to pick up a bottle of this remover too. It’s specially formulated for the water based polish. So nice not to breath in those horrible chemicals when I want to change my manicure!