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Reviews for Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow

By Alima Pure

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By Kathiann on December 28, 2012

Beautiful 5

I have tried many different colors of this eyeshadow and I love them. There is just enough shimmer to them, but they aren’t over done. I use Alima Pure Primer, a quick dusting over my entire face (including my eyelids) and I really think that helps not only with helping my foundation stay, but my eyeshadow as well. These last FOREVER and there are so many beautiful colors. I applied the eyeshadow wet the night I went in to have my baby and the next morning, after having given birth, my eyeshadow was still on. On a normal day I just apply dry and it lasts through the day. Sometimes it does crease or wear off a bit, but not enough to bother me. If it bothers you, just apply wet. For a natural product, at such a good price (considering how long it lasts) and so many color options, I think this is the way to go.

By Mb on October 5, 2012

Lovely shimmer 4

This eye shadow is wonderfully illuminous creating lovely shimmer without any gaudiness. Very pleasing.

By Ruby on August 20, 2012

great product, awesome color 5

I bought this product in truffle and I love it. I have hazel green eyes and this color is so pretty on. I usually wear it an eyeliner or high by my eyebrows as a high lighter. Either way I am very happy with this purchase. It also goes on easily and lasts all day!

By Jessica on July 6, 2012

Fantastic, versitile eyeshadow 5

I love Alima. It’s the only eye shadow I can use that doesn’t irritate my eyes or make my eye lashes fall out. It lasts a long time and if I want it more intense I either apply some vitamin E on my lids then apply my colors or just apply the shadow with a damp brush making for an very intense pop of color.

By Deb on April 25, 2012

eden is beautiful! 5

I just bought the eden and it is so amazing! It turns a bit bronzy when i dampen it to line my eyes but i love that! It’s a green bronze and it really illuminates the eye. I would recommend it.

By Deb on April 10, 2012

Radiant shadow! 4

I bought the london and it is beautiful. I feel like the sparkle/shimmer kind of fades while the color stays… but it does look beautiful. I like to dip an angled brush (slightly damp) and line my eyes with it and it’s radiant! Great product and great ingredients!

By Sk on April 4, 2012

lovely, sparkly 4

I’ve got three of the Alima eyeshadows and the colours are just so pretty. I find them fairly sparkly but in a good way! I guess my only complaint, as is the case with most mineral makeup products, is the fact that they come in loose powder form. It’s hard for me not to make a mess.

By Julie.H on April 4, 2012

quality product, chic 4

I bought the shade Paris and am satisfied with the product. It’s not garishly sparkly for a shimmer eyeshadow, just reflective. I am quite fair [blue eyes, freckled] and this was very subtle. A more dramatic look would require many layers of pigment.

By Alyssa on January 29, 2012

Pretty! 5

I love this shadow – the colors are true, it lasts, and it’s not too sparkly. Unfortunately, it does not work as well as an eyeliner – when I purchased it, I didn’t know Alima had another product for specific use as an eyeliner. As long as you are not expecting it to do double-duty, it’s an excellent product!

By Carrie on December 14, 2011

More of a pretty shimmer than a matte eyeshadow 3

This eyeshadow is more of a pretty shimmer than a matte. Very luminous. I got buttercream and mink. I prefer the mink, buttercream is too light for my fair skin. I noticed if I don’t apply a moisturizer before apply this eyeshadow, it doesn’t last very long. Will try satin matte eyeshadow next. This product may work better for a shimmer over top regular eyeshadow.

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