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Reviews for Satin Matte Eyeliner

By Alima Pure

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By Kaitlyn on February 22, 2014

Just as good without all the chemicals 5

This shadow liner is amazing! I trace my upper lashline first with the Dr. H kajal eyeliner, then pat this shadow on top of it, and it stays ALL DAY. (And I have very oily skin.) I’ve had the black for almost a year, and it looks barely used, even though I use it almost daily. One tip I’ve noticed: for more pigmentation without adding water, I tap a bit more product into the lid than I need and dip in my angle brush, tap off the excess, and then instead of sweeping the shadow along my lid, I tap it using tiny motions really close to the lashline, grabbing more product as I see the pigmentation fading. Any fallout is really easy to wipe away, and if you do eyes before skin, it’s a piece of cake!

By Ann on December 30, 2012

Versatile 5

I like these as shadow, liner, and liquid liner. Especially as a very pigmented liquid liner. My main tip for turning this into a liquid liner is to use water that’s mixed with a little, tiny bit of glycerin so that it doesn’t get chalky and maintains a really opaque look.

By Deena on August 14, 2012

Interesting colour and good staying power 5

I apply it (as well as the Alima eyeshadows) wet, and they are quite stunning. The application is tricky because the liner (or shadow) is loose. A wet brush seems to work best. What is most remarkable, however, is this product’s staying power. No running or seeping at the end of the day, even after a run.

By Kate on April 27, 2012

Use wet or dry! 5

I LOVE this eyeliner! It can be used as a powder or liquid eyeliner, or eyeshadow. I like to mix it with water and apply it as a liquid eyeliner with the Alima Pure fine liner brush. It works like a charm and gives me a clear, bold line every time. It does tend to flake as i’s drying and I have to wipe off the flakes before applying my undereye concealer, but the flaking is minimal (if at all) after that and it lasts all day on oily lids without smudging. I am totally in love with Alima Pure minerals now!

By Leslie on February 16, 2011

My new favorite eyeliner 5

I wasn’t sure I would love this product, but I do! I bought it in onyx and it creates a very soft flattering line. I apply it with a thin liquid eyeliner brush. You have to make sure to tap the excess powder off before you apply otherwise you’ll end up with powder on your cheeks! I find this product lasts through the day.

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