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Reviews for Rahua Conditioner

By Amazon Beauty

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By Smartshopper on September 19, 2012



By Pam on June 23, 2012

Great conditioner. 5

I have to say, I am very picky about my conditioners. My hair is normally pretty healthy, but can tend to get dry at times (it’s very fine, slightly wavy, shoulder-length… but I have a lot of it). I have been using Biolage Conditioning Balm for as long as I can remember. (I know! The chemicals! How horrible!) I have never felt “thinner” conditioners hydrated my hair enough, as it was always left feeling dry, and hard to comb through before I even dried it. So I always ended up going back to my trusty Biolage. I’ve searched for about 5 years for a natural and/or organic conditioner that I like and have been unsuccessful in my search…until I tried Rahua Conditioner. I am so happy with this product! It is a bit thinner than I’m used to, so it did take me a week or two to come around, but I did because it really does a great job of hydrating my hair. I am able to comb through it when I get out of the shower, I have not had to deal with any “flyways”, and my hair is shinier and healthier than I think it has ever been. I know hair care products are a very individual choice. But I highly suggest you try this one. It’s a great product.

By Carrie on June 7, 2012

Nice Conditioner 4

I received a free sample of this conditioner. THANK YOU Saffron Rouge for free samples! I like being able to try it before I buy it. This product doesn’t have much of a scent. It does condition well and made my hair shiney and bouncy. But I do think it’s overpriced. I’ll probably try cheaper all natural alternatives on this site.

By Kattie on May 17, 2012

Disappointing 1

This conditioner is overpriced and no better than any other 100% natural conditioner. I’ve tried various methods of application (rinse out, use a little as a leave in conditioner, thermal condition, etc.)
But no matter how Little I use I always end up with tangled, frizzy, greasy hair. Because of the oil it takes almost twice as long to blow dry. And a few times I just gave up and jumped back in the shower to wash my hair again. Don’t buy this unless you have INSANELY thin and dry hair.

By Alyssa on January 29, 2012

Perfect 5

I love that this conditioner is light but still manages to seriously moisturize and detangle my hair. Everything a conditioner should be!

By Veronica on September 15, 2011

Creamy and Luxurious Conditioner 5

This is a thick and highly moisturizing conditioner. A little goes a long way and its worth it! It will leave your hair super silky. Don’t use too much or it will feel like your hair is weighed down. Very high quality ingredients.

By Katrina on August 27, 2011

Awesome at getting tangles out - great for adults and kids. 4

I LOVE this conditioner. It does a great job of getting out the tangles in my long(er) hair and giving my hair bounce. I use it every day. My girls also have long hair and struggled to comb their hair after other conditioners. When I can get them to remember to use this conditioner it is no problem to brush right through. Well worth the money!

By Julie on February 16, 2011

Wonderful 5

I bought the shampoo and conditioner. Love them both. My hair is thick and slightly wavey but I can brush through no problem when using this conditioner. Does not weigh hair down. Nice clean fresh scent.

By Angie on February 15, 2011

Pleasantly Surprised with the Results! 4

I was quite impressed with this conditioner. I have very curly/wavy hair and this conditioner helps keep my hair moist so that my curls aren’t dry and frizzy. I’ve used the conditioner as a leave-in styling aid as well, which is my favorite way to use it. It doesn’t weigh my hair down yet gives it the right amount of sheen. The smell is also wonderfully authentic. I’ve tried the shampoo as well too, which I also like.

By Jessica on February 15, 2011

In like not love 4

I really like the Rahua conditioner. Like the shampoo, the ingredients are fantastic. My hair is shiny and bouncy after using it. Word of warning though, I would not recommend using this every day as it has quite a bit of protein which can make the hair brittle if used too often. I use it every other or third washing as I do with the Rahua shampoo.

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