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Reviews for Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner

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By J.M. on March 6, 2013

Miracle Product for Dry & Frizzy Hair 5

If you have a problem with frizz, split ends, or dull wiry hair… this is a miracle product. I have searched high and lo for about ten years, trying to find a good hair product to help with my dry, frizzy hair. I finally found something, but was concerned about the toxic ingredients. I had almost decided there was nothing out there that was environmentally friendly & which solved my hair problem. Until I found Rua Shampoo & Conditioner. Truly … this is a miracle product. It has transformed my hair into smooth and shiny, and the effect was immediate. And it’s organic! I am still pinching myself …

By Justine on October 8, 2012

AMAZING stuff 5


nothing else to say, if you want an amazing product that will make your hair silky and smooth then buy this.

By Carrie on October 2, 2012

Amazing Product!!!!! 5

I love this set! It really saved my hair at the beach from the salt water. I’m so glad I took my free samples along. The shampoo has a subtle clean scent and really cleans my fine hair well. The conditioner is absolutely amazing and very hydrating and a great detangler for my fine hair! I must admit I wasn’t blown away by my free samples at first (we have hard water and I think that contributed to my hair not feeling soft, but I blamed it on these products), and thought the bigger bottles were too expensive. But I’m so glad I took them along on my trip. I broke down and paid the full price and bought both when I got back! I left a so-so review for the samples, but after using these for a few months, I’d like to leave a much better review!

By Renee on July 14, 2012

Would not buy this set 1

I got the jetter set free with a purchase, really glad I did because I gave it away after one wash. I used this pair and it smells horrible I cant even describe it just that its gross. That being said, it did work really well.
Shampoo – I used about a nickel sized amount and felt it wasn’t doing anything, there was little to no lather, I could barely work it through my hair. I rinsed and washed it again using the same amount. The second time it did lather pretty nicely and it wasn’t hard at all to wash my hair. It rinsed with my hair feeling really clean but not stripped. You really have to later, rinse, and repeat with this shampoo.
Conditioner – This smells the same as the shampo. I used the same amount as the shampoo, so about a quarter sized amount. It did a great job with conditioning my hair and didn’t leave it weighed down.

I really wanted to like this, but the smell was just too overwhelming and lingering throughout the day, that I can’t.

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