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Reviews for Rahua Voluminous Hair Spray

By Amazon Beauty

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By D on September 28, 2014

It's OK 4

Doesn’t really add volume or hold, but makes a nice light heat protector before blow drying, and adds shine. Smells great.

By Rachelc on January 26, 2014

light hold 4

This is actually not too bad a hairspray – light hold and no heavy scent. I decided to give it another chance and give the bottle a good shake first. To be fair to myself, it didn’t say that on the bottle :)

By Rachelc on January 22, 2014

no hold for me 1

I’d say it’s almost more of a light conditioner, which is I guess what I’ll use it for.

By Kathiann on December 27, 2013

Like Using Water 1

I tried this both ways, as a hairspray to set my hair after I styled, and it did nothing. And I also used it as a hair spray on my wet hair to give volume. I didn’t notice any difference from not using anything at all. I have a stacked bob, and very fine hair (but a decent amount of it) and this just didn’t work for me. I will not be using again.

By Ash on July 17, 2013

Great for curly hair 4

I use this spray to help hold my curl and as a refresher for no-shampoo days. I quite like it! It feels very gentle and non-drying on my hair and has a light, citrus smell. Works very well for curly hair in conjunction with the finishing treatment (which is the only product I now use).

By Erin on April 20, 2013

Light hold for heavy hair. 4

I have thick curly hair. I found this product had a light pleasant smell. It made my hair look shiny and provided light hold for my curls (started to droop a bit mid day). Overall good for a natural product, but not as good as a plastic and chemical laden mainstream product.

By Danielle on January 29, 2013

Will never use another Hair Spray! 4

I bought this for a backpacking trip through SE Asia. That means, I showered in the morning, threw some leave in conditioner in my hair, sprayed on the Rahua Voluminous Hair Spray, and was out for in the humidity and sun all day. This product met the challenge! It did not leave my hair crunchy at all, but held it down and kept it from frizzing up in those temperatures. I have extremely curly hair, and usually need products that will keep it somewhat tamed. I used to buy products at the grocery store and had to dump them in my hair to keep it manageable, but ultimately, my hair lost shine and began to break. I switched to Saffron Rouge and these products have not only worked, but left my hair feeling healthier, and I feel good buying products that are organic and/or Fair Trade. Good deal! Would recommend this hair spray to all hair types.

By Justine on August 8, 2012

Great Product 5

I really love this hairspray, I was quite surprised to see that it actually does hold my hair pretty well considering my hair can be very difficult to work with. The hairspray does go on the hair almost like water, but it dries and makes the hair stick but isnt “crunchy” or anything like that, Hair still feels like hair!. It is MUCH different than normal aerosol sprays but a good different. After many hours of having my hair tied back i do find that hairs will fall out of place more than with aerosol sprays but thats to be expected but overall its a wonderful product and great alternative!

By Smart on July 14, 2012



By Sadie on April 19, 2012

Good hold but with natural softness 4

I’m so happy I found this hair spray. As a former Acqua Net junky, I feel personally responsible for a big chunk of the hole in the ozone layer. But now I’m making up for that by switching to this product. Not only is it natural and eco-friendly, it works beautifully. No more crispy dry hair with a hand-off, don’t touch policy. It styles and holds effectively but with a natural softness. Plus it leaves my hair in good condition to boot.

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