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Aromatherapy Diffusers

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Wanderlust Intensely Scented Room Diffuser $82.00 3.5 By red flower 444ml/15fl.oz Out of stock
Intensely Scented Room Diffuser $73.95 4 By red flower 383g/13.5 oz
Primavera Fleece $1.95 3.5 By Primavera 1 piece Out of stock

Get rid of smelly odors and provide a fresh atmosphere with these pure diffusers.

Available in stone, stick, and fountain form, our collection of all-natural diffusers offer fresh essential oils to the air that last about two hours. Pamper your mind, body, soul, and home with these aromatic and relaxing oils that rejuvenate, uplift, and calm the senses. Diffusers FAQs