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Pure Organic Essential Oils

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Niauli Oil 5mL (organic) $11.95 $9.56 20% off 3 By Primavera 5mL/0.16fl.oz
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Pure Energy Serum $49.75 $39.80 20% off 3 By Lotus Wei 50mL/1.6fl.oz.
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Sandalwood Oil 5mL $61.95 $49.56 20% off 4.5 By Primavera 5mL/0.16fl.oz

Reap the benefits of these essential oils.

Whether you apply it topically or dilute them in a base oil and use them as a massage or bath product, these pure essential oils will revive and relax with only a few drops. Looking to create a specific tone or mood in the room? Fill them in a diffuser and enjoy the benefits of concentrated botanical extracts that are sure to delight. Essential Oil FAQs