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Sorry, we no longer carry BABYBEARSHOP products.
Please use our suggestions below for alternatives.

Original Product
All The Better To Kiss You With Lip Balm
Lip Balm $15.00 By Living Nature Out of stock
Baby Bird Soap
Baby Mild Bar Soap $5.40 By Dr. Bronner's Out of stock
Unscented Shikakai Body Soap $20.40 $17.34 15% off By Dr. Bronner's
Organic Baby Soap $14.00 By Erbaviva
Cheeky Baby Butter
Orange Lavender Body Balm $6.00 By Dr. Bronner's Out of stock
Baby Lip & Cheek Balm $13.00 By Erbaviva
Eco Kiss Kit
Naked Lip Balm $3.60 By Dr. Bronner's
Holiday Kiss Kit
2 step ultra soft lip kit $16.95 By Suki