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Reviews for Cheeky Baby Butter


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By A.Chang on March 15, 2012

One of the best 5

This is one of the best baby balms I have used. Goes on with a little bit of work (you have to let it melt on your fingers) but then stays on. I found it very moisturizing and protective for dry baby skin and you can use it all over. Smells fantastic- people have asked me what products I bathe the baby with and I tell them it’s the balm. This is one product that if applied before bedtime keeps skin supple overnight while others I’ve found don’t work as long.

By Organic on March 1, 2011

Dream Balm for dry hands, massage. Great gift too. 5

This is the dreamiest balm I have ever used. I massage my daughter’s toddler feet with it every night, use it on my dry hands and sometimes even as hair pomade. Its fragrance is also pleasing and the packaging is so pretty you want to leave it on display.