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Reviews for Cheerful Mind Balm

By Badger

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By Carolyn on April 2, 2013

A tin of contentment! 5

You have to love these little tins of balm! Such nourishing, hydrating emollients with an aromatherapy kick. This one just keeps me on an even keel. Makes me feel calm, content, present. I dab it on my temples whenever I need a me-moment.

By Suzie on March 20, 2012

Keep a tin of cheer in your pocket 4

I figured this was worth a try. You know what, it actually kind of works! Maybe it’s just the mindful act of trying to do something positive for yourself, but when I rub a little of this in my temples and take a few deep breaths of that minty-floral-citrus blend I can’t help but smile : )