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Reviews for Sore Joint Rub

By Badger

By Edie on March 20, 2012

Gentle but effective for my body aches 4

I used to use that Tiger Balm or Ben Gay lotion all the time – I get sore and stiff from working out and have a constant nagging pain in my lower back. I thought I’d switch to a more natural product and gave this a try, not really expecting it to do much. Well, I am happy to report that my low expectations were wrong. This really gives a soothing, penetrating relief to my body aches and feels good on my skin too – not that burning feeling I used to think was good for me.

By Jasmine on March 3, 2012

Love it! 5

So I’ve used this a few times on my shoulders, which tend to get really tight and sore. I’ve been putting this on at night after a massage. It’s helped so much! Great price, good product, awesome results. Would definitely recommend!

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