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Reviews for Unscented Sunscreen SPF 30

By Badger

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By Jasmine on December 31, 2011

Good 4

My first organic sunscreen. It definitely gives you a white cast and has a greasy finish, but I find it’s done pretty well at protecting me from sunburns, as long as I don’t stay in the water too long. I just want to keep looking for a sunscreen without a white cast and greasy look.

By Lake on December 17, 2011

Thick consistence, perfect for dry skin or winter time 4

This is a very heavy sunscreen (think Nivea but thicker). It’s good for dry skin, and to use during winter. Because it’s so thick it’s a little harder to spread and you’ll need to rub a few times to get rid of the white-ness but considering that it’s so natural and it really is nice to wear, I would definitely recommend it.