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Reviews for Yoga & Meditation Balm

By Badger

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By Ashley on March 27, 2013

Fresh & Moisturizing 4

I received this as a gift from my mother. It has a nice citrus, woodsy aroma that isn’t too overpowering. I must admit, I rarely use it for its intended purpose (yoga/meditation), but this was my introduction to the healing base oils Badger uses in all its balms, and I must say it has helped moisturize everything I smooth it over, especially my cracked winter hands.

By Evalynne on February 12, 2013

Balanced scent gets me in a meditiative mood 4

I’m so glad I found this. Most calming and relaxing aromatherapy products are lavender based, and I just happen to abhor lavender (not sure why). So this is perfect for me. Gets me in a meditative mood with a more citrus, sandalwood balanced scent. There’s some floral notes in there, but it’s not overly feminine. There’s a bit of spice and wood in there too. Love it.

By Jen on February 9, 2012

Subtle aromatic 5

I teach meditation classes, but don’t use scented candles because some people are allergic to fragrance. Instead, I pass around a tin of this, so only the students who apply it can smell it. It is subtle scent and a great product.

By Leslie on February 16, 2011

Nice balm, good fragrance 4

This balm has a nice smell and is very calming. This is a useful product to put on dry cuticles or to use as a lip balm. The directions say to apply it to the temples and forehead, but I’m not sure why you would do that…