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About Beautyblender

Blend your way to a flawless face

Rea Ann Silva, a renowned Hollywood make up artist for over 20 years, has created an award winning tool that delivers a fast, flawless finish with professional precision. Use it for hands-free application of primers, eye treatments and moisturizing serums as well as cosmetic products.

To create a perfect texture and tone makeup pros use a stippling technique, where you bounce the sponge across the face rather than rubbing, dragging or smearing it around. Use the round base to blend foundation, bronzer or blush on the larger areas of your face - cheeks, forehead and chin. Use the pointed tip for hard-to-reach regions around the mouth, nose and eyes. Damp or dry, it provides a fresh, clean, airbrushed look.

What makes this brand special.

beautyblender is ideal for creating an even canvass, building coverage and disguising blemishes. Using a stipple and twist method, the sponge works product into and over the surface of your face with a feathering effect around the edges so there are no tell-tale lines around concealed flaws.

Organic credentials

beautyblender sponges are non-allergenic, latex free and, unlike many other sponges, they impart no off-putting odor. Beautyblender Pure is dye-free, which is ideal for sensitive skin and precision application. The company is committed to the environment, eliminating waste and generating good karma by encouraging you to recycle your sponges. They have implemented a blendersender program where you can send them your discarded beautyblender sponges for recycling.

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