A lipstick launch celebration with a real difference - Living Nature staff celebrated the launch of Precious by Lorraine Downes with a unique afternoon tea. The special challenge for each team was to contribute an edible delight featuring lipstick as an ingredient. We know our lipsticks are safe enough to eat and we're happy to prove it!

Staff came up with some fabulous ideas including lipstick coconut ice, lipstick fudge, lipstick-topped jellies and wafers and lipstick on cheese and crackers.

The cause for celebration is Precious by Lorraine Downes, a new lipstick suitable for everyday wear, or worn with Living Nature Lip Balm to add additional sheen and sophistication. This moisture rich, mineral lipstick is formulated with vegetable waxes for smooth application, and is of course lead free and Certified Natural.

But there is so much more than just a new ‘nude pink’, on trend colour behind the introduction of Precious by Lorraine Downes. With inspiration and input from Lorraine, our Brand Ambassador and New Zealand’s one and only ever Miss Universe (1983), our team has created this lipstick to provide a revenue stream in perpetuity to support the New Zealand Breast Cancer Network with a donation from each sale.

The story behind the Precious name resonates with the important work done by the BCN to educate and inform women to reduce help stop cancer where it starts. Lorraine says “I believe all women are precious to their families. As a mother, wife, sister, aunty, I do my utmost to educate women to remove the unnecessary toxic load on their bodies. Lending my name and voice to this cause emphasises that all women should regard themselves as precious by taking great care with their choices. For Living Nature, Mother Nature is the most precious and has the answers to all. Women just need to be closer to nature to hear her answers.

"In my travels and vocations I have the chance to meet and speak with so many amazing women from all walks of life, telling me that they always want that one shade they can use everyday that would go with everything and save the dramatic shades for special occasions. And it was these ideas that lead me to develop Precious – the perfect natural pink tone that suits works for a day and evening look.”