The Paraben Story

March 10, 2009

One of the biggest beauty industry controversies happening right now is the safety of parabens. A preservative ingredient added prevent bacterial growth and increase the shelf life of a product, adding parabens means the company can keep the same product around for a longer length of time. This saves them in production and distribution costs. But how does this concern us? Parabens may affect the male reproductive system and have been known to mimic estrogen hormones in the body.

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Pumped full of lead

October 25, 2007

I already knew that regular lipsticks weren't the healthiest choice. Since it's a product that you actually ingest, the chemicals used to create traditional lipsticks can potentially pose very damaging effects to your body. But now a study has emerged from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics that even worsens my fears. The consumer rights group tested 33 brands of lipstick, ranging from the cheap stuff to the tubes that cost more than a meal and found that more than half contained lead. Even worse, the tests showed that one third actually had more lead than allowed by the US Food and Drug Administration! 

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See for your Self

August 2, 2007

"Go Surfing. If reading labels isn't your thing, visit websites that weed out less-than-natural products for you. is the Sephora for the organic set."
-Beth Janes, Senior Beauty Features Editor
from "Natural Beauty For Everyone", Self Magazine, July 2007, p.124 

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It's so nice to see organic products featured in magazines. I love the Active line from Primavera. And the Body Wash and Body Oil are my favorites. 

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