Most people who make the switch to natural cosmetics and skin care experience a genuine glow from the nourishing botanicals, healing herbs, rich minerals and precious essential oils found in these items. A few customers, however, may experience some sort of reaction – a few bumps, a little redness, maybe a tingling sensation – as they wean off their usual beauty brands. More often than not, this is simply a short-term case of adjustment as you transition from one formulation to another and, in fact, is a sign that the natural goodness of the organic ingredients is starting to work.

As you know, Saffron Rouge products are made with only the purest quality raw and natural ingredients, free from toxic petrochemicals, artificial colorants, synthetic fragrances and harmful preservatives. However, anything you put on your skin - natural or synthetic, botanical or chemical - has the potential to trigger some kind of sensitivity.

In the realm of organic cosmetics, these reactions are usually minor and temporary. Chances are your body just needs to detoxify as it makes the change from its familiar, mainstream, chemically-based brands. Our natural products actually help activate the skin, permitting this vital organ to breathe and encouraging it to function as intended. The resulting increased oxygenation and improved circulation sometimes allows suppressed underlying conditions to surface, a short-term step on the path to healthier skin.

A little patience may be in order when switching from synthetic to organic brands, but the process of improving your skin's vitality is well worth the wait. Today's marketing and beauty culture has us hoping for instant dramatic results and expecting miracles from these tubes and jars. Smart consumers can manage their expectations against the hype by understanding a little about the process of healthy skin.

Your skin cells are living organisms that require nourishment to function properly. It sounds basic, but when you nourish these cells with pure, natural ingredients, they will be strong and healthy. On the flip side, if you feed your skin a product diet of toxins, harsh preservatives and chemicals, the health of these cells will suffer, resulting in acne, an unbalanced complexion or premature ageing. Just as feeding your body with healthy food choices is essential to your well-being, your skin needs to absorb and feed on pure, nourishing products. After all, you can't expect to eat only processed junk every day and be as healthy as someone who has a balanced wholesome diet.

So don't be too alarmed if a few blemishes arise at the onset of your new skin care regimen. After a week or two, as your skin regulates and returns to a balanced state, trivial symptoms such as redness, breakouts or tightness should subside. Remember, adequate exercise, a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water will help your skin to acclimate.

Or course, if you have a more long-term or serious reaction to a particular product, please discontinue use and call us to discuss your options. On those rare occasions that a customer finds a particular item doesn't meet their expectations, it may be returned for a refund within 30 days from date of purchase. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your shopping experience and we are here to help you find the best products for all of your natural beauty and skin care needs.