Since it's essentially my job to test out new and existing products (how else am I know what's good enough to sell on Saffron Rouge?), I have the advantage of separating the so-so products with the really amazing ones. So everyone always wants to know what I use on a daily basis. Sometimes they simply ask me. Other times they'll wander into my bathroom to get a peek for themselves. They usually come out slightly shocked and maybe a bit overwhelmed. The truth is, with all of the products I get to (sometimes with joy, sometimes, well, not so joyously) test out hanging out in my bathroom, it can be an intimidating place to walk into. What I use changes regularly, but I also have some much-loved products that are always part of my family's daily routine. Here is the list of what's in my bathroom now… 

In The Shower:
Santaverde Aloe Vera Shower Gel
John Masters Organic Honey & Hibiscus Reconstructing Shampoo
John Masters Organic Honey & Hibiscus Reconstructor
Jurlique Purifying Cleansing Lotion Cleansing Lotion)
Jurlique Balancing Foaming Cleanser (formerly Foaming Facial Cleanser - all skin types)

On The Counter:
I was embarrassed by the overwhelming amount of products I had when I made this list, so I gave away some of the products. Here's what I couldn't part with.

Dr.Hauschka Rhythmic Night Conditioners (I use these morning and night right now)
Suzanne aux bains. Moisturizing Organic Day Treatment
Suzanne aux bains. Regenerating Organic Night Treatment
Natural Balance Intensive Revitalizing Serum
Primavera Evening Primrose Face Oil Capsules
(a secret soon-to-come) Eye Cream - look for it early 2008, sorry top secret
Natural Balance Regenerating Mask
(a secret soon-to-come) Hand Cream - look for it early 2008, sorry top secret
Dr.Hauschka Neem Nail Oil bottle
Suzanne aux bains. Relaxing Organic Massage Oil
Dr.Hauschka Neem Hair Lotion
Weleda Plant Tooth Gel
” Wala (Dr.Hauschka) Sage Mouthwash”:/body-care/toothpaste/walavita-sage-mouthwash
Pangea Organics Liquid Hand Soap - Lavender
(a secret soon-to-come) Rejuvenating Hair Sealer Spray - look for it soon

By The Tub:
Suzanne aux bains. Bath Foam Bliss
Primavera Active Bath Oil
Dr.Hauschka Spruce Bath
Jurlique Baby's Bubble Bath (for the kids)
Erbaviva Baby Shampoo (for the kids - hey 'the adults' use it too often)
Primavera Harmony Body Wash (for the kids)

And you'd think that would be enough, but there's even more under the sink (more products and my essential oils). So I think it's time I admitted it. Hello. My name's Kirstin and I'm an organic beauty-holic.