If you're diligent about buying only organic produce and checking labels for chemical ingredients while strolling through the market, I encourage you to take that awareness one step forward: to alcohol. When you think about where wine or vodka comes from (plants) the light bulb may turn on in your head. Shouldn't these ingredients be organic too? Shouldn't they be farmed and processed using sustainable methods without chemicals and pesticides? Yes and yes! 

Which is why I'm happy to report that there are plenty of organic companies out there doing just that. You want wine? Well that's easy. There are dozens of wine makers in America alone that create organic or even biodynamic wines. One of the most famous biodynamic wines is Benziger, a family-owned 85-acre winery in Sonoma, California. More and more restaurants are serving up organic wine, so ask next time you're out to dinner.

If you're looking for something a little stronger, you may have a harder time. It's a bit more difficult to find organic spirits out there, but luckily they're becoming more and more readily available. I adore gin and am completely British when it comes to my gin and tonic and a cuppa tea. So when I recently discovered Juniper Green Organic Gin, I was ecstatic. The company uses organic grain, 100% botanical and herbs and the purest water to create a truly unique gin.

If you prefer vodka, you should try Square One Organic Vodka-the world's first 100% certified organic American rye vodka according to their website. Not only is the vodka itself crisp, pure and smooth, but the packaging is sleek and modern (proving that not all things organic have to have a homespun vibe) with an easy to peel label that lets you use the bottle again.

Don't forget to always remember to drink responsibly. This means no drinking and driving (just because it's organic, doesn't mean it's less impairing and intoxicating).

So ask you local liquor store if they carry organic. And if not, encourage them to. When you buy organic liquor and wine, you not only treat yourself to a cleaner, more pure product, but you're supporting small businesses that are doing their part to promote a clean environment. And that's something to drink to.