And so it begins

June 25, 2007

Welcome to my very first blog entry. When the whole blog phenomenon started, I thought I'd be the last person to jump on board. But then I realized I had so much information to share and nowhere to do it. A blog on Saffron Rouge was the perfect solution. Then as I started to plan it, I got more and more excited. I consider myself a very opinionated person, and this is the perfect outlet to get my ideas and opinions across. 

I'll focus on products, natural ingredients and the benefits of replacing the chemical-laden products in your bathroom with amazing organic ones that nurture your skin as well as the environment. I'll bring you news on amazing new products I've discovered and why they work so well. I'll share organic beauty tips and suggestions on how get the most out of your skincare products.

But even more than that, this is the place where I'll go beyond beauty to really focus on living as environmentally friendly as possible. Sure I love talking about slathering on a creamy body lotion chock full of organic goodness, but there's so much more to life than essential oils. After all, I'm an environmental activist at heart. I'll share with you my latest findings on environmental issues, how to best live an organic life and how and where to shop for just about everything that's eco-friendly (after all, even my mattress protector is organic).

So stay tuned. There's so much more to come.