In a society obsessed with aging-or not aging as the case may be-chances are you're already slathering plenty of sunscreen, moisturizer and anti-aging products on your face. But even if your face looks 10 years younger than the number revealed on your drivers license, your neck, chest and hands will always give away your real age. That is, unless you give those parts a little attention too. Sure I know what you'll say. you barely have time to give your face attention. But trust me, pampering these other parts will pay off big in the long run.

As you age the skin on your neck loses its resilience. In other words: it gets loose and saggy. And your chest bears the brunt of all those years basting in the sun and pays for it with age spots. Minimize those instant-agers by restoring skin with the Jurlique Herbal Recovery Neck Serum. The restorative botanical concentrate, packed with organically grown herbs, vitamins, minerals and essential oils, will firm and smooth the neck and chest area while helping to even skin tone. And with regular use, this wonderfully-scented gel will help prevent damage caused by environmental and lifestyle influences.

Protect the rest of your body with the nutrient-rich Primavera Active Body Lotion, infused with organic Jojoba oil and Green Tea extract: The light lotion, lusciously scented with Mexican Lime and Sri Lankan Ginger, will give your skin a daily boost of nourishment while leaving it velvety soft and smooth.  If you prefer moisturizing with an oil, my favorite is the Suzanne aux bains. Relaxing Organic Massage Oil. Unlike some oils, it absorbs super quickly and leaves skin amazingly scented. The Ecocert approved French formula combines organic Apricot, Sesame and Jojoba essential oils to protect and soften the skin.

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your hands are definitely the window to your age. Over time, the skin becomes thinner, looser and wrinkled. Add on age spots and discoloration and soon you're looking much older than you certainly feel. I love the Santaverde Aloe Vera Hand Cream because not only does it intensely moisturize, it helps regenerate skin to preserve a youthful appearance. I also love how the nourishing formula blended with Almond, Olive and Coconut oils soaks in so quickly. So I can get back to real life knowing the carefully formulated Aloe Vera blend is still working. I like to keep some by the sink so I can moisturize every time I wash my hands.

And a few other tips. When you apply your sunscreen, moisturizer or anti-aging face cream, rub the extra on the back of your hands. Keep a bottle of sunscreen in the car. The light that comes into the car from your side window can add up to some serious sun exposure (not to mention one arm that's darker than the other). And double up your protection by massaging your facial moisturizer down to your chest and your body lotion or oil all the way up to your chin.