As pure as possible

April 1, 2008

As you probably know by now, not every product claiming to be 'natural' actually is. Also not every product labeled 'organic' is full of 100% organic ingredients. In fact, most skincare products contain far less than 100% percent. A company may add one little organic ingredient to the mix and slap an "it's organic!" sticker on the label to make you feel like you're paying for the real deal. When in fact it's also filled with plenty of non-natural ingredients. (You won't find these products on Saffron Rouge though. I personally spend plenty of time making sure the products are completely pure and as organic as possible.) 

The reason it's tough to find 100%, or even 99%, organic products is that most beauty products contain non-organic derivatives such as cleansing agents, preservatives and emulsifiers to allow the products to do their intended jobs (cleaning your skin for example). However this doesn't mean that 100% organic products don't exist. Oils and balms don't need these extra additives, so they can be created using all organic ingredients. We carry quite a few of these here on Saffron Rouge. From facial hydrators to delicious fragrances, here are my favorites:

The Primavera Evening Primrose Face Capsules are truly must-haves for me. Made exclusively with 100% organic pure plant seed oils the single-dose capsules instantly hydrate my skin, leaving it fresh, glowing and dewy. You really have to try them to understand how amazing they actually are. Please note that Primavera is replacing these capsules (and the Wild Rose ones) with two different capsules in the autumn. Balm Balm's Face Balm soothes and moisturizes without competing with other scented products you may put on your skin. The 100% organic formula can also be smoothed onto your hands or feet. really wherever you need some high-potent moisture.

Another essential for me is the luxurious Suzanne aux bains. Relaxing Massage Oil from France. Made with 100% organic essential oils, including Jasmine, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Apricot (among several others), it can be massaged into skin or poured into the bath. And did I mention how perfectly beautiful the scent is? I also love the lusciously scented, completely pure Usiku and Amka Organic Body Dews from Jo Wood Organics. They're healing, energizing body fragrances that help boost circulation to revive the body while you breathe in the sophisticated scents. Usiku is sensual with notes of Pine, Cardamom and Cedar, while Amka romantically captivates with Neroli, Bergamot Rose Otto and Jasmine.