What motivated you to start your own line?

I had been providing individual flower essence therapy consultations for a decade and kept seeing such surprisingly huge transformations in my clients. I wanted to create a way to reach a broader audience and benefit more people. I have always been motivated by the idea of creating a huge worldwide ripple effect of positivity and this is the way to exponentially multiply that positive ripple effect.

How long did it take? When was your product line ready for the general public?

What led up to it was ten years of personal experience with the flower essences: taking them internally myself for so many years, collecting the flowers, working with the essences and watching their effects on clients over time. For the actual product line, it took months of design: names, colors, designs, packaging, and formulations of flower essences and essential oils. And years of continual improvements. The Lotus Wei line launched in January of 2010.

What obstacles did you face along the way?

The biggest challenge is for people to understand what our products do… that they’re not just aromatherapy. Most people in the U.S. have never heard of flower essences and confuse them with essential oils. We do a lot of education and videos to help people understand the difference. Those who try our products for the first time are pleasantly surprised, because they realize how truly transformative they are, both for state of mind and life in general.

Who did you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration came from flowers and Mother Nature, as well as knowing how effective flower essences are in their power to completely shift someone’s life for the better. I think that if every person on the planet was able to experience flower essences, it would totally shift the world we live in.

I also looked at what things we all want more of in life and combined those essences that would magnify just that: happiness, love, clarity, inspiration, etc.

What is unique, different or special about your brand?

Not just aromatherapy. Not just outer beauty.

We infuse all of our products with flower remedies that we hand-collect in nature. Flower essences work on your acupuncture meridians (they don’t have a scent) – you’ll likely feel a tangible difference in your state of mind within days. They dissolve stress and enhance clarity, magnetism, peacefulness, strength and happiness. Used regularly, they help you be at your best and accelerate personal growth. We use flower and gem essences to catalyze transformative effects through exquisite self-care.

What, if anything, would you do differently if you could do it over?

I would allow myself to be wilder and freer from the start… less concerned about what others think and what they’re open or not open to. I would’ve allowed myself to think as far outside of the box as possible and be more fearless – less concerned about others’ skepticism, disbelief or sense of limitation.

How do you feel about changes in the organic beauty movement?

I’m thrilled that there is more awareness about toxic man-made chemicals vs. nourishing ingredients from nature. I also love that there is more of a wellness conversation happening, as opposed to just external beauty. I’m so happy that there are resources for women by women, like No More Dirty Looks.

What advice would you offer other novice women entrepreneurs?

We live in a magical world where miracles happen all the time – anything is possible. You just have to go out and make things happen. If you keep hitting closed doors, find a different way. Don’t try too hard. Go the way that is smoothest and where things seem to just fall into place. You’ll figure it all out as you go.

Make sure you’re crazy about your vision and always operate from that motivation. Your conviction will get you through the challenges. As you experience more personal growth, your business does too – your business is a reflection of you. Focus on the benefit to others and the money will look for you.

Recognize that you have a unique way of doing things – believe in yourself: the way you are in the world, in your company, your relationships, your creative and operational processes, the way you communicate your vision to the world and how you connect with people can all be your own style.

Ask your customers what they want; have an open dialogue. Each and every one of them is precious, like a sister. Also be kind and gentle to yourself.

As soon as possible get help. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Get an excellent bookkeeper & CPA who is willing to strategize with you – learn how to read your financial statements and make educated business decisions based on your P & L's. Invest in an excellent graphic designer. Accept help from family, friends, interns and volunteers. Don’t try to do it all alone. Hold yourself and people working with you to their highest. 

And for goodness sake, take more breaks. We tend to work insane hours because we are so passionate about our businesses – make sure you take short breaks throughout the day to remain effective, creative and in tune. The brightest ideas and insights arise in those moments.

Do you think it is more difficult for women when it comes to business?

As a woman you can be an entrepreneur and make your own rules – liberating! I see an abundance of female entrepreneurs who are really taking charge and being innovative about what they do and the way they run their business. Also, women tend to be really good at things that make a business really successful, like:  collaboration, inclusion, expansion, intuition, communication, authentic relationships and anticipating others’ needs.