Best Foot Forward

May 29, 2008

During the winter months I don't really think much about my feet. They're wrapped up nice and cozy in thick socks and sturdy (yet cute) boots. As long as they get me where I want to go, that's enough for me. But then the flowers start to bud, the days get warmer and department stores begin to showcase the latest trends in sandals. At that point I force myself to take a good hard look at my feet. And I realize how much tender loving care they actually need. Sound familiar? Well then kick off your boots and prepare to pamper. You're only a few minutes away from sandal-worthy feet and toes.

After a long day, there's almost nothing better than a tension-relieving footbath. Well, unless it's a footbath while eating chocolate and getting a back massage from George Clooney. I can't deliver George to your door, but I can recommend the Dr.Hauschka Sage Bath. The earthy-smelling formula revitalizes and nurtures tired toes, while softening. Add a teaspoon of the Sage Bath to a large bowl of super warm water and soak feet for about 10 minutes.

Get ready to slough off rough patches and calluses with the Jurlique Body Exfoliating Gel. The skin-smoothing formula uses herbal antioxidants and gentle walnut shell to remove all of those dead skin cells. It's a bit messy so I do this over the shower to prevent a giant post-pedicure cleanup. Sit with your feet in the bathtub and squeeze a large pea-sized amount onto each foot. Massage from heel to toes until the gel dries and the exfoliating 'grit' falls off After rinsing, your feet will be super soft. And as an added bonus, all of that massaging also exfoliates your hands too.

Just like your fingernails, your toenails need some extra care and attention. The Dr. Hauschka Neem Nail Oil uses a potent combination of Chamomile and Indian Neem tree leaves to soothe, soften and nurture nails. After a few uses you'll notice the nails are better conditioned and stronger. Plus the plant ingredients also naturally help fight nail fungus. Just massage a small drop into your cuticles and nails.

I may stray when it comes to cleansers or body lotion, but the Weleda Foot Balm is and always has been my favorite foot product. It softens, cools and revives tired and sore feet with a gentle combination of Myrrh and Calendula blended into a citrus base. I also use it on my kids when they get out of the bath and at the pool (to protect against athlete's foot). It's fast absorbing, so you're not sliding around on greasy feet all day, and it has a beautiful consistency. Plus the scent is amazing-very refreshing.