Hollywood stars, more than most of us mere mortals, need to put their best face forward. Whether it’s on screen for a role or a candid paparazzi shot on the street, a celebrity’s look is almost always in the spotlight. Their skin care regimen and cosmetic choices are important tools of the trade so, naturally, we want to know what lotions and potions they are using to get that glow – naturally being the key word.

More and more famous faces are opting for natural, organic, pure beauty products, not simply to jump on the “green” bandwagon but because they genuinely love them. Beyond the botanical ingredients, gentle scents, recycled packaging, cruelty free commitments and fair trade business practices, these products work! Here are some of the stars who are enjoying Saffron Rouge’s range of natural cosmetics on their faces, bodies and hair.

In the January 2012 issue of InStyle Magazine, Jennifer Aniston gives props to Dr.Hauschka’s Moisturizing Day Cream. “I put this on after my serum and before my makeup,” she explains. So that’s how this forty-something beauty still looks like a twenty-something friend. Other famous fans of the Dr.Hauschka holistic skin care line include Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Kate Blanchette and Uma Thurman.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps garnered the highest praise from makeup artist-to-the-stars Bobbi Brown on a little program called the Oprah Winfrey Show last year. “It’s probably the finest soap in the universe. I’m obsessed with it. I cannot get enough of it!” she said of the organic, fair trade certified soaps. How do you top the universe? Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Sandra Bullock love to lather up with Dr. Bronner’s too.

Weleda is another popular brand with the celebrity set. Chart topper Adele told Heat Magazine in April 2011 “I wear a lot of makeup and when I’m working I like to use Skin Food by Weleda because I feel really replenished when I do.” Stunning Jessica Alba shares her beauty secrets in the December 2011 issue of InStyle Magazine by exclaiming, “I love natural beauty buys like Weleda. The argument for organic skincare on sensitive skin makes sense. I opt for products that don’t have much of a fragrance.” Count Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson and Rihanna as other Weleda devotees.

Pangea Organics is a line that has been often praised by two stars now known as much for their healthy lifestyle blogs as their acting chops. Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow recently singled out Pangea Organic’s Facial Cream on her popular Goop newsletter. Alicia Silverstone plugged Pangea Organic’s Canadian Pine with White Sage Body Wash as one of her favorites on TheKindLife.com, her successful blog devoted to vegan and natural living.

Supermodels Gisele Bunchen, Miranda Kerr and Karolina Kurkova have all extolled the virtues of Dr. Alkaitis holistic cosmetics line. Actress Rosanna Arquette offers a glowing testimonial, “I just want to say how much I love the Dr. Alkaitis products. I’m addicted. It’s really been great for my skin and I’m loving the results. I feel and look younger for someone who doesn’t do botox.” Now those are refreshing words coming from Hollywood!