For over two hundred years Easter and chocolate have been inseparable. First created in Europe during the Industrial Revolution, Easter chocolate has become an essential part of the holiday. Sure, it's good to reminisce with a candy-eyed hollow bunny or a Cadbury Crème Egg (which debuted in 1875), but perhaps it's time to move on to something a little more decadent. Most decidedly not the waxy-tasting chocolate rabbits from your childhood, Organic Style's organic chocolate treats are sophisticated, luxe and completely addictive. And although your children may not appreciate the rich ingredients and subtle flavors (they'd just as soon enjoy a sugar-high courtesy of a gas station purchased candy bar), you certainly will. 

I could eat each and every collection featured, yet I've managed to narrow it down to my absolute favorites. The Berry Infused Chocolates just scream 'spring'. Inside each of the organic Costa Rican dark chocolate cordials is a delicious berry preserve wrapped in berry-flavored cream. The flavor combination of the chocolate with the berry (you get four each of strawberry, red raspberry and marionberry) is luscious, satisfying and bright. As gorgeous to look at as they are yummy to eat, the Art Bites are tiny little solid bars of fair trade chocolates. Each box contains four distinct flavors: Whole Pistachios, Dried Ranier Cherries, Organic Cocoa Nibs and Chipotle Pepper. And if you haven't tried pepper with chocolate, don't be afraid. It's actually a well-suited flavor combination. Each nondairy, delightfully divine piece is hand-decorated with designs perfect for spring.

If caramel is more your thing, branch out of the norm and try the Lavender Caramels. Organic Style's best-selling gift box includes a dozen lavender-infused caramels dipped in scrumptious organic chocolate and sprinkled with Fleur du Sel salt (which subtly enhances, not overpowers, the sweet flavor combination). Each of these chocolate confection collections is distinctly unique and delectable. But they're also all organically made. So you can indulge responsibly. And when you throw one (or more) of these goodies into your Organic Style shopping cart, add a bouquet of organically grown colorfully-hued tulips to help liven up your home and get in the mood for spring.