Creams, lotions and other potions promise (and sometimes deliver) radiant, youthful, magnificent skin. But sometimes the key to beauty is feeding your skin from the inside out. Here's a list of my favorite powerhouse foods that are proven to keep you looking gorgeous:. 

dark green and orange veggies
If you're lactose intolerant or just dislike dairy, you can get your vitamin A from dark green and orange vegetables like spinach and carrots. They contain plenty of beta carotene, which transforms into antioxidant-rich vitamin A. Yet another reason to go for that salad.

grapeseed oil
Oils have gotten an ill-deserved bad rap. Sure, you don't want to drown your food in them, but some oils are actually good for you. Pretty much everyone is clued in to the heart benefits of olive oil. But not many people know that grapeseed oil, rich in linoleic acid, can help heal skin damage. Plus it can stand up to extremely high heat, so it's perfect for cooking.

This fruit is little, but it packs a giant nutritional punch. Kiwi contains plenty of vitamin C (ounce per ounce, more than oranges), which helps prevent skin damage while building collagen to promote elasticity. So toss some onto some plain yogurt and drizzle with honey, or just eat them a la carte.

A standard in the American diet, tomatoes contain lycopene which is a proven antioxidant. Plus, studies show that eating cooked tomatoes, actually provides more benefits (cooking breaks down the cell walls making the lycopene easy to absorb). This includes tomato sauce, pizza sauce and salsa. What could be simpler, or more delicious, to add to your diet?

Santaverde AloeBeauty (Nutrifood)
You might think to put Aloe Vera on your skin. But drinking it, that's a whole new concept. Along with organic fruit and plant extracts, consuming fresh, organic Aloe Vera helps nourish and protect the skin while reducing the signs of premature aging. One quick dose is perfect for those days when you're not eating as healthy as you'd like to be.

If there's one perfect fish out there, it's salmon. You get lean, filling protein plus a giant dose of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which nourish the skin while giving it a luminous glow. Try to get wild salmon, which has fewer chemicals than farmed salmon. If you're a vegetarian, or just dislike fish, you can also get Omega 3 by adding ground flaxseeds to your oatmeal or tossing some walnuts into a salad.