There's nothing I love more than seeing more and more organic options available. Whether it's in the grocery store, the toy store or the department store, making an eco-friendly purchase is easier than ever. This is especially true when it comes to fashion. From well-known chains to smaller boutique brands, it's refreshingly simple to find stylish, sustainable and even (yes!) affordable clothes. And although I could spend all day shopping for organic styles online, right now I'm particularly obsessed with Toggery. It's a fairly new brand created by eco-designer Kate D'Arcy in Pennsylvania. Her blouses, dresses and pants are beautifully crafted, easy to wear and come in the most gorgeous colors imaginable. Plus one of the brand's goals is to make sustainable fashion affordable. (Which means I get to buy even more!) 

Toggery uses 100% organic cotton along with sustainable fabrics such as Modal and bamboo fibers. Her trademark colors are achieved through low-impact reactive dyes. What this means is that they use less energy and chemicals than a natural or vegetable dye. All of the materials are sourced from the United States and the clothing is produced through a Pennsylvanian manufacturer that's certified socially compliant. But of course all of this eco-goodness isn't worth all that much unless you want to wear the clothing. Toggery's styles may be environmentally responsible, yet they definitely belong in the pages of a fashion magazine. They're sleek and wearable; part modern, part classic with a dash of whimsy thrown in.

In the fall collection I especially love the Chloe dress. The combination of the relaxed sleeves and cowl neck are casual yet mystifyingly sophisticated. (Don't be alarmed by how short these dresses look on the models. Unless you have legs like that, they'll be longer on you. And if you do have legs like that, by all means you should be showing them off. ) I also love the Olivia dress from the holiday collection. The high neck and long bell sleeves are sophisticated and modest, but the revealing back adds a bit of sass that's perfect for holiday parties (See what it looks like from the front here, as well as the rest of the holiday collection.

I love how the Parker blouse is sleek and flattering at the same time. The draping camouflages a not-so-flat stomach while the fluttering sleeves balance out wide hips and thighs.  But my number one Toggery pick for the season has got to be the Harlow jacket. Its mod-meets-modern cut works great layered with sweaters and t-shirts along with dark indigo jeans. Or pair it with a dress for an instant ladylike effect. I love everything about it. the three-quarter length sleeves, the pleat in the back and the gold button in the front.  Most of these styles come in multiple color choices-all in of-the-moment fall shades of eggplant, moss and pumpkin. You can find Toggery in stores across the U.S., in Canada and online.