You love toys that are safe and environmentally responsible. Your kids just want to have fun. And being the only family on the block with a toy chest full of wooden and organic cotton toys may not go so well over with the little ones. Luckily there are options out there that are toxin-free, non-hazardous and totally cool. Your kids will go crazy for them.

Birch wood plus a solar rotor equals a Solar-Powered Helicopter from Estella that spins around and around without any batteries. All you need is a little light (natural or unnatural) to make this little guy go. The simple design comes in blue, red and green and is perfect for your future pilot. For those who prefer wheels, the Sprig vehicles are the way to go. Whether it’s a yellow dump truck or a blue racer, these toys are brought to life with lights and sounds when pushed. Perfect for pre-schoolers, these paint-free and eco-friendly toys are made with a combination of durable, bio-composite recycled wood and reclaimed plastic. Another great vehicle option is the Fire Station available at Made from plantation rubberwood the set includes a fire station, fire truck and emergency car. It’s the perfect antidote to those little metal cars your son always wants you to buy.

For my oldest son I’m eyeing the Physics Solar Workshop that uses solar power to teach kids all about energy. He’ll be able to conduct experiments and build machines with over 320 different parts.

Girly girls will love the handcrafted Waldorf dolls made from all natural materials. They make a beautiful gift for your own daughter or as a gift for a friend. I recently found the “Jasmin” Cosmetic set from Moolka for my daughter. She’s always watching me play with makeup so this is a perfect introduction for her. The solid wood and non-toxic painted pieces include a mirror, lipstick, hair dryer, comb and everything else a little girl needs to inspire her imagination.

On the other end of the price scale but just as cool are the Bud ducks from Moolka. From crazy colored stripes to a duck in a space suit, you’ll want to start a collection to decorate your own tub.