If it's your family tradition to help usher in the holidays with a seasonal, sensational wreath, don't let me stop you. Wreaths add a festive touch to a bland front door and can look lovely above a fireplace mantel. Plus they make great gifts. But before you head over to your local florist (or wherever you like to buy your seasonal plant items), stop and think about what goes into making those wreaths. Chances are the news isn't good. Traditional plant and flower farms use toxic pesticides that poison the soil and water sources, harming the local ecosystem. Many flowers are shipped from far away places like Ecuador or Columbia, which wastes tons of fuel and pollutes the air. Plus these types of farms aren't exactly known for great ethics when it comes to working conditions. That doesn't quite say happy holidays like you imagined does it? Instead go organic with a gorgeous wreath from organicbouquet.com favorite place to give and get flowers. 

The brilliant brainchild of Gerald Prolman, Organic Bouquet formed in 2001 as an eco-conscious option for surprising someone with flowers. The company offers flowers sourced from farms that are committed protecting the environment and having the highest possible social standard. Organic Bouquet aims to not only reduce the amount of toxins in the environment, but also wants to improve the quality of working conditions at the farms themselves.

And what better way to start the season of giving than by ordering an organic holiday wreath? "All of our wreaths support sustainable farming, which encourages healthy stewardship of the earth and key to preserving our natural resources," says Gerald. But of course I won't buy something simply because it's organic. Their selection of decorative wreaths are beautifully handcrafted in the US by local farms and artisans. I adore the luscious color combinations and each provides a unique, natural fragrance.

When you buy organic floral arrangements or gifts, you're not only saying no to toxins, just like organic fruit being sweeter, many believe that organic flowers last longer and are more fragrant than non-organic varieties. Make a difference by purchasing only organic flowers. Talk to your local florist and ask about organic options. If they can't give you an organic selection, then take your money elsewhere. Since Gerald and others have started the organic floral movement, you have a choice. So choose wisely.