The past decade has seen a dramatic increase in the use of bottled water. It’s convenient! It tastes good! Hey look, I’m being healthy by toting around water in a plastic bottle! But don’t be fooled. Not only are the bottles ending up in the trash (The Container Recycling Institute reported that over 14 billion water bottles were sold in 2002… and only 10 percent of those actually made it to a recycling facility), but the water itself may not be as purely healthy as those commercials would like you to believe. 

The type of plastic most often used in water bottles is PET (polyethylene terephthalate) that actually requires more water to make than actually fits inside the bottle. Think of all that wasted water! Along with causing massive amount of garbage and wasting water, some argue that chemicals from the plastic bottles actually find there way into the water itself. And although this is a hot debate, it has been well documented that distilling water removes essential electrolytes (like sodium, potassium and chloride) and minerals (such as magnesium). Purified water (the type commonly found on store shelves), because of its lack of minerals, actually increases a person’s level of acidity in the body. This leads to mineral loss (including calcium) that can aggravate conditions such as osteoporosis, hypothyroidism and high blood pressure.

You can avoid any health issues (and stop contributing to land fills) and actually benefit your body by investing in an ionized water system for you house. Instead of being harmfully acidic, ionized water is actually slightly alkaline, which is healthier for your body. How so? Well alkaline ionized water acts as a natural antioxidant, as this type of water is capable of carrying oxygen throughout the body to neutralize free radicals. This extra oxygen, not found in purified or distilled waters, also helps your body carry nutrients, remove waste and resist bacteria. Plus the system will remove any impurities that may be lurking in the pipes. The result is refreshing and healthier water. And many who make the switch can actually tell the difference, whether it’s looking or feeling better.

Jeff and I did a lot of research on water ionizers in preparation to purchase our own and found this site,, very helpful. You’ll find everything from informative articles to different ionizers at various price ranges. Once we’ve had our system for a while I’ll update you all on how it’s working out and if I truly see or feel any changes.