If you think a rose is just a rose, you're in for a surprise. Most roses you find at the local floral shop are grown with the help of pesticides and other decidedly un-eco-friendly methods. But Gerald Prolman, founder of Organic Bouquet changed all that when he created a company dedicated to sustainably-grown flowers. All of the flowers featured on the site, including the amazing organic rose bouquets available for Valentine's Day, are grown and harvested specifically to minimize environmental damage, conserve biodiversity and improve the working conditions of the farmers. 

Of course what makes his vision so successful is the end result. The flowers themselves are amazing. Proof that you don't need pesticides, the organically grown and ECO certified roses are gorgeously hued and enchantingly fragrant. With petals that range from the classic deep, decadent red to softer shades of delicate pink, there's something to help express every sentiment.

Then there's the piece de la resistance-the world's tallest bouquet of roses. How tall can a rose actually get? Tryfive to six feet! And of course they're naturally grown (non-engineered) and are organically certified by VerifloraT, the American floral industry's Green Label certification standard. Available exclusively by Organic Bouquet, the jaw-dropping red roses are specially grown in Ecuador, where the abundant sunshine helps the flowers achieve their staggering height. Each long stem holds a beautiful rose that blooms to life at a diameter of three to four inches.

They are a completely unexpected option for the person in your life you want to pamper-or the one who thinks she's seen it all. But don't wait until February 13th to place your order for a dozen of these super-sized beauties (or two dozen if you're feeling especially indulgent). Between the media attention and word of mouth, the World's Tallest Roses are in high demand and sell out quickly. So pre-order as soon as you can. Then just sit back and wait for the recipient to swoon with joy. After all, getting a completely luxurious, totally organic bouquet of roses as tall as you are isn't something that happens every day.