It's so nice to see organic products featured in magazines. I love the Active line from Primavera. And the Body Wash and Body Oil are my favorites. 

“Clean conscience
Primavera Active Body Wash and Body Oil are the perfect antidotes to a tired mind and body. A burst of sunny lime and stimulating ginger kick-start your senses, while jojoba oil and antioxidant-rich green tea extract moisturize and protect your skin from free radicals. All the ingredients come from organic sources, so you won't hurt the environment while you indulge."
- ELLE Canada, Dana Tye Rally p.158 June 2007

The founders of Primavera, Ute Leube and Kurt Nuebling, are rare in that they are truly and humbly ethical in their decisions. They are passionate about their global organic and biodynamic fair trade projects, and bend over backwards to ensure each plant is grown in its ideal climate.

They'll share their vast knowledge of organic and biodynamic farming with anyone who will listen, simply because they love what they do. I'm not-so patiently awaiting the day when my schedule allows me to go on one of their project courses. Primavera offers a number of courses where they take the students to their organic and biodynamic, fair trade farms in Italy, Turkey, Bhutan, Peru and teach them first hand about aromatherapy.

Over the years, I've developed a fond friendship with Ute & Kurt. Ute is a sweet, but strong woman whom I have a great deal of respect for. Kurt, dear Kurt, well let's just say – never drive with Kurt (unless you like extremely high speeds). Kurt is a prolific inventor/creator and a very interesting and engaging man. His daughter lived with us last year while she did a University placement at Saffron Rouge.

There are a handful of companies (one in particular which I won't name) who claim their oils are "the best." The sad reality is that though the copy on the websites, brochures and packages is convincing, most oils are harvested in greenhouses far away from their natural habitats. It's important that I stress this because if you cut through the marketing spin and hype, Primavera though not the flashiest and most well-known, produces the world's finest essential oils and essential oil-based products. They're good because they focus on two things (and when it comes to beauty there are really two things that matter most): 1) ingredients, and 2) where the ingredients come from. Most beauty products are manufactured by an outsourced lab that buys its ingredients on the open market. There isn't a connection between the product and where the ingredients come from. There are very few companies in the world that grow their own plants.

At the risk of waxing pedantic, here's some more insight into why location matters:

Plants need a variety of conditions and nutrients to optimally flourish: soil type (volcanic ash-rich soil for example), climate, altitude, sun duration, etc. There's a reason the Turkish Rose is so famous, and that you don't hear about succulent oranges grown in Northern Canada. Something grown in a greenhouse or in a less-than ideal location won't possess the same vibrant energy and quality as say a lemon grown in the warm sunny region of Sicily in nutrient-rich volcanic soil. Primavera puts efforts into finding the most ideal locations and works with the locals to devise ideal organic or biodynamic growing conditions. Primavera grows lemongrass in Bhutan, citrus in Sicily and Rose in Turkey.

And they don't stop there. Primavera harvesters tote a portable still with them into the fields to distill their Melissa (lemon balm) oil. Why? Because the essential oil from the Melissa leaves evaporates very quickly. If you don't get it right away you lose a great deal of it and the quality isn't the same. They also hand-distill their Rose petals in a traditional copper still. Why? Because that's how you get the absolute best oil. And the list goes on.