For The Boys

October 30, 2007

Maybe back in the stone ages (or the 1950s) it was okay for a man to just pick up a bar of generic-brand soap and use it from head to toe. Well things have changed. With a new generation of men publicly confessing to waxing, facials and pedicures, it's suddenly acceptable for a man to be well groomed. Well, sort of. Perhaps he's a product junkie on the inside, but your man may steal your products out of the bathroom cabinet so stealthily that you'd think it was a covert CIA mission. So if you're tired of going for your favorite moisturizer only to find the jar empty, it's time to get your man his own stash. And by all means, the products don't necessarily have to boldly read 'for men!' for your guy to crave them. 

Men should start out with a cleanser that's tailored for their skin. Jurlique has a few different foaming cleansers that allow him to target his personal needs (especially helpful if you have sensitive skin and his is dry). When it's shaving time, Weleda's non-foaming Shaving Cream lightly lathers with skin-silkening ingredients. It really provides a much better shaving experience than those chemical-laden drugstore versions. Primavera's Witch Hazel Floral Water is a perfect soothing post-shave treatment because its organic ingredients soothe raw, irritated skin.

If your man simply won't go for spritzing something on his face, Dr. Hauschka's Rose Day Cream (or the Rose Day Cream Light in the warmer months) also works wonders after shaving. This strengthening cream soothes and moisturizes while reducing redness. And contrary to what the name may imply, you can assure you guy that he won't smell like his Aunt Mabel. My husband Jeff is one of the many guys that I know who loves to hijack Primavera's bestselling Evening Primrose Face Capsules. They come in man-friendly single servings, so there's no guesswork involved when applying these power-packed moisturizing oils (which is perfect when your guy believes that reading directions, even for skincare products, is for 'sissies').

In the shower, keep a bottle of Santaverde's Aloe Vera Shower Gel handy. It's non-girly packaging and name will entice your man to give it a try. Once he experiences the light, decidedly not-at-all-feminine scent and refreshing, moisturizing formula, he'll beg you to keep it in stock. You might not realize your coveted organic deodorant is strong enough for a man. But trust me it is. After an entire day of wearing Erbaviva's Lemon & Sage Deodorant or Weleda's Sage Deodorant, Jeff isn't at all worse for wear (or more accurately worse for smell). He keeps going back day after day. So I'd suggest you buy enough for two, or get him his own signature 'scent' to help him feel a bit more manly. There's just something tantalizing about a man who smells yummy. And Florascent makes several scents that you can both use, as well as some targeted just for men. Jeff loves the warm Du Soleil blend for men with wild tarragon, sage and cedar. He goes back and forth between that and Thé Vert, a fresh, unisex scent with Chinese green tea and cedarwood. Personally I love smelling Monsieur Balode on a man. It's a perfectly sexy combination of mountain man meets gentleman with aromatic hay, wood, patchouli and fruity davana.

In the hair department guys don't really want a hairspray (at least any of the guys I know). Instead, they prefer a styling gel like John Masters Organics Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel or Simply Organic Moisturizing Soft Gel. Both are light and gentle, styling hair without leaving it tacky or sticky. The result is soft, nourished hair that you'll want to run your hands through.