Cold and flu season is at its peak right now, although you don't need me to tell you this. At the office something is always 'going around' this time of year. And the kids pick up germs at school faster than they pick up geometry. Everywhere you turn, whether you're at the grocery store or waiting in a crowded elevator, someone is coughing or sneezing in your general direction. While it's simply not possible to prevent every little icky bug that will come your way, you can ward off winter illnesses with a few easy to use essential oils. Plus, once you've succumbed to being sick, there are natural ways to soothe your symptoms without standing in line at the drugstore. 

Trying not to get sick? Aren't we all. Obviously you need to follow the one simple rule your mother no doubt hammered into your head-wash your hands. There's no need for chemical-filled antibacterial soaps either. Just plain hand soap will do the trick as long as you scrub for at least 20 seconds. To help clear the air put a few drops of Primavera's purifying Lemon Myrtle oil into a diffuser to and airborne germs will be banished within the hour

If you're already battling a cold bug you can make life a little less miserable with a aromatic bath blended symptom-easing ingredients. Blend 2 tablespoons of Primavera Base Bath Oil, cream or honey with 3 drops of Eucalyptus, 2 drops of Niauli, 2 drops of Ravensara and 2 drops of Cajeput. Fill a tub with warm water and pour the mixture in. the soothing scent and healing properties will help ease those annoying symptoms. Having problems breathing? I love using the Dr.Hauschka Spruce Bath to open up the lungs. Or try opening blocked sinuses by adding 2-4 drops of anti-inflammatory Niauli or Eucalyptus into hot (not boiling) water and breathing in the strengthening aroma. If your want to reduce a mild fever try using the cooling effect of Peppermint oil by blending 10-25 drops with your favorite base oil.

As for the little ones in your life, it seems they get sick every time they leave the house. Nurture those nasty cough and cold symptoms with the Erbaviva Sniffles Baby Chest Balm. Don't be fooled by the name-it works on kids of all ages. Just rub the petroleum-free blend of organic Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Myrrh essential oils onto your child or baby's chest back and neck to naturally soothe and relive symptoms.