Gifts for Guys

June 15, 2011

Your guy may not always take the best care of his skin, but we know how important daily skin care can be to men’s overall health.

Saffron Rouge carries a wide selection of men’s skin care items from body care to colognes to shaving lotions and accessories. We have got your guy covered from head to toe to keep his skin looking and feeling healthy on Father’s Day or any day of the year. You can help your guy using the same nursery rhyme he now sings to his own little ones… Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.


Help your guys start the day off right with one of our invigorating shampoos from Dr. Alkaitis. This specially formulated Organic Herbal Shampoo gives hair a soft, full body with ingredients like aloe vera and wild Andean rose. The clean fresh scent will make your hair feel and smell clean and refreshed all day long.

Style hair with John Masters Hair Pomade. Smooth’s frizz, adds texture and boosts shine. Protects hair and scalp from environmental damage and doubles as a hand salve and cuticle softener. Contains skin healing mango butter, extra virgin olive oil and Jojoba.

Get smooth, clean skin with Leap Organics Facial Cleanser made with vitamins A, B, C and E. Enriched with jojoba, shea butter, and olive oil help replenish the skin’s natural moisture balance, while aloe juice and extracts of cucumber and green tea soothe the skin’s surface and provide nourishing antioxidants.


Keep him smelling fresh all day long with Citrus Deodorant from Weleda. Made from the juice of fresh pressed lemons, this deodorant offers a fresh odor fighting scent that works throughout the day. Aluminum-free and Certified Organic.

Sun damage is one of the major causes or aging. Badger Sunscreen will protect his skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Non-greasy and available in both cream and lip balm formulas. This effective sunscreen is scented and unscented. This formula is also water safe for trips to the beach. Available in SPF 15 and 30.


Does your guy have rough patches on his knees, elbows or hands? Dr. Bronner’s Hand and Body Lotion will leave his skin feeling soft and supple. Comes in a variety of scents including peppermint, patchouli lime, orange and lavender.

Heal cuts and skin irritations with Living Nature Rescue Gel. Perfect for all skin types, this unique formula also calms blemish prone skin with healing manuka oil and manuka honey.

Manuka Nourishing Body Wash gently cleanses the body while leaving it soft and refreshed. The nurturing formula revives the senses and nourishes skin with nutrients and minerals. Antiseptic manuka honey and antibacterial tea tree oil are combined with mineral-rich kelp to delicately cleanse skin without stripping away protective moisture. Has a fresh mint and kelp scent.


Get squeaky clean from head to toe with Leap Organics Lemongrass Bar Soap. An uplifting blend of organic citrus oils and lush later to get your man squeaky clean. The intensely moisturizing organic, fair-trade shea butter also nourishes the skin with vitamins A, E, and F.

Give him a little taste of everything with the Pangea Organics Peace Gift Set. Treat your man to this tranquil and fragrant limited-edition collection. It covers everything from head to toe with a unique selection of Pangea Organic favorites. Contains: Pyrenees Lavender With Cardamom Shower Gel, Pyrenees Lavender With Cardamom hand & Body Lotion, Italian White Sage, Geranium & Yarrow Bar Soap, sample of the Egyptian Calendula & Blood Orange.

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