Some of you may know my story. My background is not in makeup, I did not set out to create a global cosmetic business but I did set out to change the world. My mission in life is to turn as many people as possible onto natural and organic alternatives.

Many years ago I suffered with endometriosis and experienced infertility as a result. I had given up on the possibility of having children naturally and had resigned myself to ongoing surgery and pain. But 10 years ago I came across a book which changed my life, Hormone Heresy written by American wellness guru Sherrill Sellman. Reading the book I discovered that there were more natural approaches to my hormonal illness, I also learnt that many toxins and chemicals in our everyday products may be exasperating my problems and I also learnt through this invaluable book, the benefits of eating a natural and organic diet. I thought “what have I got to lose” and proceeded to make dramatic changes in my life. I got hold of natural progesterone cream, I completely de-toxed my life, I changed my diet to an anti-inflammatory and organic diet and changed all my beauty products.

Three months later I fell pregnant!! And not only that, during the course of my pregnancy I managed to heal the endometriosis that had plagued me for years. In addition my health and vitality sky-rocketed. I couldn’t believe it. When the impact of these monumental changes really sunk in I began to think, my goodness, think of all the millions of women out there experiencing similar issues to me who have no idea that there are more natural approaches available to them, that could have a similar impact on their lives. I felt so passionate about what had happened to me that I made a pact with the universe there and then. I said that if I gave birth to a healthy baby I would change my life and dedicate myself to educating and inspiring other women to make more natural choices in their lives.

My gorgeous daughter Lola Rose was born in 2002 and thereafter I gave up my career and began a not for profit organisation that we still run today, called Thriving Healthy Women. I started to give free community workshops to basically anyone who would listen to me ranting and raving about the benefits of natural and organics. That turned into a website, then women all over the globe started to ask – “what products should I use” - so began my recommendations for women on which brands were safe and how to spot ingredients that weren’t beneficial for their health. Then women started to ask “what about makeup?” “why is nobody doing organic makeup?” I thought long and hard about this. There were no decent organic or truly natural makeup brands. I could not understand why there were so few genuinely natural choices out there for women wanting great makeup. The world in which we live is changing. People around the globe are demanding new types of products that are safe and ethical and made with integrity and concern for our environment. The growth in organics is testimony to this demand and yet there was so little out there in the world of makeup. When I did find something semi-natural, it was just plain boring with brown, brown and more brown and it just didn’t perform well.

And then I thought – what an incredible journey it would be to create our own natural and organic makeup. To prove to the world that you don’t have to use suspect ingredients to produce great makeup. Let’s face it; we all love GREAT, SEXY makeup. My objective with INIKA was to create no-compromise cosmetics. With INIKA you have it all! Great makeup that performs brilliantly, lasts on the skin like nothing you’ve seen before and is made with completely safe and organic ingredients that are certified, all from a company you know you can trust to deliver. Not only is Inika Vegan but half the range is certified organic and everything is also certified Halal and Cruelty Free.

It took many years before the range that you see now was completed and we keep developing and improving and bringing out new products all the time. We also bring out limited edition products twice a year as part of our promotional and marketing calendar. I can tell you that the journey has not been easy at all, I ended up selling my house to fund my business and it has involved the most incredible amount of hard work, persistence and determination. But now Inika is sold in 16 countries and in over 900 retailers across the world. We have won over 30 awards for product excellence and innovation and this year I was awarded the Women of Style award for Cosmetics by In Style Magazine Australia. Inika is leading the world in the field of certified organic makeup, you only have to try our products to find out why everyone is talking about Inika.

My advice to women everywhere is to believe in yourself. If you have a business idea and you spot a gap in the market, go for it. Being in business can be very scary, you are going to face many challenges but it is also immensely fulfilling and rewarding and you’ll be amazed how many women there are out there who will support you. Be brave and enjoy the journey.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my journey, let us know if you love our Inika products, getting feedback from you is what matters to us the most.

Miranda Bond