I have to admit I get a little nervous when one of my favorite brands introduces a new product. After all, why mess with an already solid, much-loved product line? But most of the time I'm proven wrong, as new organic innovations and stellar new ingredients make it possible to improve upon perfection. Already an innovator when it comes to beneficial and truly organic skincare, Santaverde has raised the bar once again with the introduction of its newest anti-aging duo. The Xingu High Antioxidant Prevention Serum and Cream both combine Santaverde's organic Aloe Vera juice along with nurturing Cashew juice to create a powerful and potent plant elixir that provides the base of these two unique products. 

This base is blended with an exclusive combination of rich, medicinal antioxidant oils and extracts found in plants native to the Brazilian rainforests near the Xingu River. Used for centuries by the locals, Santaverde has captured these potent ingredients to intensively stimulate cell regeneration, protect against free radicals and boost collagen production. The botanical formula also helps moisturize and nourish skin while calming any inflammation or sun damage. So both products are ideal for those of us looking to stop the aging clock and perhaps even set it back a little.

Although the 100% natural formulas are truly luxurious and powerfully effective, another draw is Santaverde's mission to give back to the local areas where the Brazilian ingredients are found.