Holiday Gift Guide #1

December 6, 2010

Welcome to Saffron Rouge! My name is Karen and if you’ve ever called Saffron Rouge, chances are we’ve talked on the phone. I am an Aesthetician (I hate to say it- for almost 30 years now) and have been fortunate enough to work for Saffron Rouge for the past 5 years. It can be pretty overwhelming selecting products if you are buying for someone else this holiday season, so with that in mind, I will do my best to offer you suggestions with our first ever Saffron Rouge Holiday Gift Giving Guide.

For Mature Women

Women no matter what their age have their own very specific requirements when it comes to beauty products. Here are some “Can’t Miss” recommendations especially for mature women:

Jurlique Rose, Citrus or Lavender Hand Cream: These are a favorite of our Saffron Rouge staff as well as our clients. Jurlique Hand Creams are never greasy but never leave your hands wanting more. They give just the right amount of moisture and the scent is beautifully feminine. I especially love the Lavender Hand Cream at the end of the day just before turning out my bedside light. Lavender has soothing as well as sedating properties.

Pomega5 Trial Kit: This is one of our newest lines and our clients are loving it! A cost effective way to indulge someone, this Trial Kit has it all. It includes about a weeks supply of gorgeous products. Wouldn’t you love to hear those very special words? Thank you so much for turning me on to Pomega5?

Duchess Marden Anti Wrinkle Serum: Now I know what you’re thinking- it could be insulting to give someone an anti-wrinkle product, but honestly I don’t know a woman alive that is isn’t concerned about wrinkles. This Serum contains all the vital ingredients needed to moisturize the skin at night. Europeans have known for centuries the wonderful beneficial properties of Facial Oils such as borage, flax seed, rose and rosehip. These oils are renowned for rejuvenating and repairing prematurely aged, sun damaged, inflamed or scarred skin. However, Anti Wrinkle Serum is not limited to night time. It is beautiful around the delicate eye area and can be used under a moisturizer in the morning as well. Don’t forget the neck. Applying moisturizers to your neck will help prevent tell tale “turkey neck”.

Primavera Air Sprays: Everyone deserves an aroma therapeutic escape from time to time. Primavera Air Sprays are just that- an escape from synthetic/artificial fragrances. These authentic and essential oils offer far more than just great scent; Many actually purify and cleanse the air. Aromatherapy can induce relaxation, increase energy, reduce stress and restore balance to body and mind. There are 4 different selections to choose from, but the Calming Honey & Chamomile is a personal favorite of mine.

Badger Evolving Body Balm: I couldn’t write this without at least one multi-purpose product. Evolving Body Balm is rich in extra virgin olive oil but also contains sea buckthorn as well as calendula to replenish and soothe. It can be used anywhere on the body such as elbows, heels, hands, legs but can also be used as a daily facial moisturizer. We have clients raving about this Balm and its effect on fine lines on a regular basis. The scent is a delicious and comforting combination of lavender and rose. I hope this helps your gift giving. Stay tuned for the next person on your shopping list...