Holiday Gift Guide #2

December 8, 2010

Welcome back! In part two of our first ever Saffron Rouge Holiday Gift Guide, we’ll look at some of the great products we have for that special guy on your Christmas shopping list.

Weleda Men’s Shaving Cream: This is a must have product for most men. It has a nice creamy consistency so it offers optimal hydration and a gentle shave without any tugging. The scent is fresh and clean. We also have many female clients that love it for shaving their legs! Follow with the perfect partner; Weleda Men’s Facial Moisturizer. The scent is similar and it has witch hazel for it’s astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

Dr. Alkaitis Travel Kit: As one of the top selling lines we carry, the Alkaitis Travel Kit is used and loved by both men and women alike. If acne, impure or sensitive skin is a concern, these products can be life changing! Dr. Alkaitis makes all of his products by hand in fresh, small batches. He discovered that only organically-grown plants or those harvested from the unpolluted wilderness contain the superior therapeutic properties. Dr. Alkaitis skin care products are created exclusively via organically grown or wild-crafted plants and unpolluted sea life. This kit is perfect for that guy who is always on the go.

Florascent Aqua Colonia Trial Collection: It includes vials of the Habanna, Du Soleil, Santal and Vetyver. These are the top selling Florascent Colognes for men. A beautiful assortment and perfect when you are not sure what scent to choose for him.

Intelligent Nutrients Hand Purifier: Men do more hand shaking than anyone! Intelligent Nutrients Hand Sanitizer is the perfect alternative to harsh alcohol and chemically laden Hand Sanitizers. It cleanses and moisturizes leaving a fresh vanilla and mint scent. I also make my kids carry it in their school backpacks, duffle bags and lunch bags.

Soap: We have so many wonderful soaps to choose from! Pangea Soaps are a personal favorite for gift giving because of the way they are packaged. All Pangea boxes are plantable. Some soaps such as Lemongrass & Rosemary, Canadian Pine with White Sage, Malagassy Cinnamon with Clove and Oatmeal with Italian Bergamot are preferred by guys. Tell them to soak the box in water for a minute and then plant it in a pot of soil or outside. It will grow basil, sweet amaranth or even a spruce tree. How cool is that!

Styling/Grooming Products: It is a great gift to convert someone from silicone or petroleum based hair care product to organic ones. John Masters Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel is non-sticky and offers medium hold. The scent is fresh and citrusy. Intelligent Nutrients Hair Balm comes in stick form and easily travels. Only a very small amount is needed so this is the gift that keeps on giving! The scent is buttery and slightly nutty.  Short, spikey styles are perfect for this product but it works for anyone looking for definition or shape. It is also great for those unruly eyebrows!

Stay tuned for part three...