Alicia Silverstone

She broke into our hearts over 10 years ago playing the lovable mall-obsessed Cher in Clueless. But in real life, vegan Alicia Silverstone will not throw down her wallet unless the clothing is animal-free. For over a decade she hasn’t put anything into or onto her body that comes from animals. Going vegan certainly wasn’t a ploy to gain attention in limelight-hungry Hollywood, nor was it a way for her to drop pounds for a film role. It was a moral stance that she felt very strongly about. As a result, her skin glows more and she feels stronger, healthier and better than she ever has. 
Alicia believes that going vegan was the “single-most important decision” she’s ever made (according to a statement on PETA’s website). Not only has it helped her physically, she feels better knowing that her lifestyle choices don’t promote animal suffering. She treats her skin to organic products that aren’t tested on animals—Jurlique is one of her favorite lines—and she never wears clothing products made from animals, such as wool or leather. When it comes to food, Alicia realized that being vegan didn’t just mean that she should load up on bagels and pasta. She fills her diet with lots of fruits and vegetables along with veggie burgers and faux chicken nuggets. Alicia correlates this pure, healthy diet with having more energy and looking better than she did ten years ago


Rachel McAdams

She’s considered one of the world’s most beautiful people. Her films have made you laugh (Wedding Crashers) and sob so hard you ran out of tissues (The Notebook). But I bet you didn’t know that in addition to being a magazine cover girl, a leading lady and a red carpet goddess, she’s also an environmentalist. Better yet, her love of nature and the environment isn’t just a way to get press for a pet project or to help her get tax breaks. She’s been environmentally conscious since she was a kid and to this day she does everything she can to lighten her footprint on the world (and even dreams of living in a tree house and growing her own food).

Rachel even got together with two of her friends to start a website ( to help “spread the word to all sorts of people and really make a difference”. The site is full of tips on organic restaurants, products and small ways you can make a difference. Now that’s a thing of beauty.


Edward Norton

Edward Norton is one of my favorite actors. He’s ridiculously talented on screen and in real life he appears grounded, extremely smart, thoughtful and eloquent. Instead of relishing in the movie star life, the Yale graduate keeps it low key and chooses to concentrate on a lifelong commitment to the environment. After all, making a difference runs in his blood. Edward’s grandfather started the Enterprise Foundation, the largest nonprofit developer of affordable housing in the country, and his father is an environmental advocate. Even his sister studied international environmental policies. So it’s no surprise that Edward has used his star power to promote solar power. Now on the board of the Enterprise Foundation, he’s combined a passion for helping low income families with bettering the environment.

Edward realized that the solar technology he enjoys in his Los Angeles home could actually go a long way towards helping low income families pay their bills. After all, capturing the power of the sun to light your house is definitely energy efficient and socially aware, but it also helps save money. So how could he get those solar panels installed onto these people’s homes? Edward took it upon himself to contact BP Solar and proposed a plan. For every celebrity who pays BP to have solar power installed, BP will donate a similar solar power system and install it into the house of a low-income family in South Central Los Angeles. BP agreed and the BP Solar Neighbors Program™ was born.

Other celebrities who have participated in the program include Don Cheadle, Robin Williams, Carlos Santana, Brad Pitt, Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito
and Daryl Hannah.


Woody Harrelson

The pages of the weekly magazines would lead you to believe that all celebs live a life of champagne wishes and caviar dreams. That is truly not the only scenario as some use their stature (and money) to help a cause. What bigger cause can there be than trying to save the earth? Woody Harrelson has done a lot with his name. From going on ‘tour’ promoting simple organic living, he’s published a book (How to Go Further) and he even has his own eco-driven website that he started with his wife, Laura (

His website contains a poem written by Woody called Thoughts From Within. Combined with compelling images, he reads his poem on his website. His distinctive voice speaks words that are so powerful and so true, that you can’t help but sit up and take notice. He says aloud what some of us are thinking, but what most of the world chooses to ignore.

Woody makes me smile because every person he talks to seems to be inspired to work towards positive environmental change. In his book he says that the only right answer to changing the world is to change who you are and what you do. Create your own self-evolution simply by emailing the link to Woody’s poem to your friends. Encourage them to send it on as well. Create a viral revolution.


Leonardo DiCaprio

So we find ourselves on the brink. It’s clear humans have had a devastating impact on our planet’s ecological web of life.” -Leonard DiCaprio, The 11th Hour

Out of all of the celebrities who donate their money and time to help out, Leonardo DiCaprio must be towards the top of the list. Not only is Leo a certified dreamboat, he is an incredible actor commanding the screen with one strong performance after another. However, in my opinion his strongest role isn’t as an actor, but as himself. His passion and dedication to the environment proves that there is so much more to him than being a Hollywood heavyweight.

He established his own foundation (appropriately named the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation) in 1998 to build awareness around important environmental issues. The foundation isn’t just his in name, Leo remains tirelessly devoted to traveling the country promoting a green lifestyle and giving speeches on how and why we must save the planet. In addition to heading his own foundation, he is also currently on the boards of both the Natural Resources Defense Council and Global Green USA. Environment Now even presented him with the prestigious Martin Litton Environmental Warrior Award in 2001.

He drives a hybrid, flies commercial instead of wasting fuel on private jets (like many A-list actors) and has solar panels on his house. And most recently he’s taken his passion to the big screen, co-writing, producing and narrating a globally-conscience feature length film, The 11th Hour. It’s a frank, startling film about why our planet is in an environmental crisis, what the impact will be and how we can take steps to literally change the world. The film was out in theaters this summer and I encourage you to rent it when it comes out on DVD.