Introducing Lily Lolo

February 8, 2012

Hello Lily Lolo!

Saffron Rouge is thrilled to announce a new addition to our family of natural makeup lines – and it’s almost as fun to say as it is beautiful to wear. Lily Lolo hails from London and is the top mineral cosmetic brand in Europe. It’s about time we introduced it to discerning customers on this side of the pond.

Naturally, if it’s approved by Saffron Rouge you know it’s free of synthetic dyes, petrochemicals and other no-nos. Quality ingredients a given, it’s ultra-fine formulations are particularly soft and luxurious, giving you that flawless airbrushed effect with just a light dusting.

Lily Lolo founder Vikki Khan became a fan of mineral cosmetics in her travels but could never find a product back home that quite measured up, despite the fact that many makeup manufacturers were jumping on the mineral trend. So she created her own company and now boasts an award winning line of foundations, finishing powders, cover-ups, bronzers, blushes and eye shaddows, attracting a bit of a cult following in the process.

Fans of the brand love how it minimizes the appearance of fine lines but doesn’t settle or cake into creases (a more diplomatic way of saying “wrinkles”, don’t you think?). It inhibits shine but still let’s light reflect and your complexion glow. Unlike some liquid or creams, these weightless powders allow skin to breath while providing natural SPF protection. Lily Lolo also offers a toolkit of fabulous brushes so you can gently sweep and swirl the makeup around your face and eyes, blending and layering until you get the coverage and effect you want.

It’s the colors that really sell cosmetics, though, and Lily Lolo has a wonderful palette with whimsical names like Gold Digger, Doll Face, Sugar n’ Spice and Ooh La La. Ranging from natural shades to vibrant hues, there’s a lot to choose from and play with.

We’re sure you’re going to love the Lily Lolo line. We always appreciate feedback on new products, so don’t hesitate to tell us what you think.