At Saffron Rouge, we find it fascinating dealing with the very talented founders and formulators of our prestigious brands. It is now 2012 and we will be publishing monthly guest spotlight blog postings from these remarkable women.

1. What motivated you to start your own line?

When I was 27, while skiing in Coursheval, France I had a stroke. Sitting in the hospital in nearby Grenoble on Christmas Eve, I woke up to an essential message – good health is everything, and every day life is rich and beautiful. That awareness to live life to its fullest, to restore health and wellbeing, to balance and move to appreciate the everyday forms the red flower mission. Every moment should be an opportunity to enrich your life in everything you do from the daily practices of washing your hands to lighting a candle. I look to create a multi-sensory experience layering rich texture, potent natural ingredients, unforgettable aromatherapeutic scents and healthful, restorative benefits. Living healthfully, naturally and fully by transforming every day experiences continues to be the guiding force behind red flower.

2. How long did it take?

I see this as an evolution, still taking time, learning and growing along the way.

3. When was your product line ready for the general public?

My background in design and product development helped me get our first range of products (petal topped candles and organic flower tea) off the ground in about 9 months to a year with product testing being a big part of that time.

4. What obstacles did you face along the way?

Running a business is filled with obstacles and challenges. Sourcing the type of ingredients I was looking for was probably the most time consuming and challenging, finding the one ingredient I was on the hunt for often felt like finding the holy grail. Building a culture and team of like-minded individuals with whom to run the company also presented many unexpected challenges and rewards.

5. Who did you draw your inspiration from?

Beatrice Wood, the founders of Shiseido, travel, nature, architecture, the streets of New York, organic food, yoga, art, music, literature and my family.

6. What is unique, different or special about your brand?

I strive for an unparalleled experience in everything we make and put health and the environment first, from the way we sustainably source the highest quality, most concentrated and most potent ingredients to our local production practices which keeps the line fresh and truly pure. red flower is all natural, where possible certified organic, and is forever on the quest for unusual ingredients from thoughtful producers who focus on the living force of all botanicals to create exquisite scents and restorative benefits.

7. Have you or your products ever won any awards?

We have garnered countless accolades and awards from the industry, press and consumers including being the first organic perfume to be awarded in the top 5 all-time best perfumes by the New York Times fragrance critic.

8. What, if anything, would you do differently if you could do it over?

You can't really do over so you have to make mistakes and learn from them.

9. How do you feel about changes in the organic beauty movement?

I feel positive about the increase in awareness and the availability in finding quality products.

10. What advice would you offer other novice women entrepreneurs?

Start now, be persistent, live a full life (not just a work life).

11. Do you think it is more difficult for women when it comes to business?

In the beauty business I truly do not.

"How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!" - Maya Angelou, African American Poet