Here's a statistic that will make you stop licking your lips. Experts estimate that the skin absorbs up to 60% of the ingredients found in your moisturizer, lip gloss and other products. So if you are what you eat, aren't you also what you slather on your skin? 

If you're like me you make sure you and your family eat as many organic foods as possible to avoid ingesting possibly toxic chemicals and pesticides. But if you're using just any old beauty product, you can still be polluting your body (and the earth!) with these unappetizing ingredients.

Another reason to make the organic bathroom cabinet switch-organic ingredients are higher in antioxidants, which means more potent and effective skincare products. Some of my favorite, antioxidant-rich products include:

Natural Balance Nourishing Face Cream
I love how this cream repairs damage and protects against free radicals. Plus, rose oil and cocoa butter boosts skin’s natural moisture level and lush organic Olive and Avocado oils smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

Santaverde Aloe Vera Medium Cream
This cream is light for normal and sensitive skin and reduces the signs of aging with pure, organic Aloe Vera juice to support skin cell renewal and antioxidant-rich Grape Seed oil and Rosehip to protect and preserve suppleness.

Jurlique Balancing Cleansing Lotion
Perfect for normal or combination skin, I love this cleanser because it combines rosewood and lavender for a calming, healing, nourishing cleanse. It keeps your skin fresh, hydrated and balanced.

Santaverde AloeProtect Nutrifood
This pure organic Aloe Vera juice helps protect cells along with antioxidant-rich organic fruit and plant extracts like red berries and grapes. These ingredients neutralize free radicals that contribute to premature aging. It's helps skin from the inside out.

What exactly are antioxidants anyway?
Antioxidants are free-radical scavengers, working to fight and disarm the damaging free radicals of our skin and bodies. They are the most important ingredients in the fight against premature aging. Natural plant based antioxidants are used in a variety of products to help treat damaged skin and help to prevent future signs of aging.

For ingredient related questions, please check out our ingredient FAQ.