My job at Saffron Rouge allows me to do many things I’d never imagine I’d be doing. For example, in order to help launch Suzanne aux bains. on I put on my best Diane Sawyer face to interview the founder, Romain Vitali. It was truly a pleasure to learn more about this amazing brand that I’ve become utterly addicted to. Here’s what we talked about:… 

Kirstin: What makes Suzanne aux bains. so unique and different?

Romain: Our concept of organic meets glamour has proven to define our unique identity. We’re the only brand creating formulas that are inspired by the ritual of the bath that also offers organic solutions. We have a strong commitment not to use chemicals and all our products have obtained the French independent organic label, so we follow the strict Ecocert certification guidelines.

K: Do you have a cosmetic background?

R: I’ve always been sensitive to the environment and nature, but I don’t have an actual background in creating skincare products. So it was essential for me to surround myself with a small team of specialists who I can rely on to see my vision come to life.

K: Where do the ingredients in Suzanne aux bains. products come from?

R: Our company is based in Provence. In addition, we gather a variety of medicinal and aromatic plants from the bio diverse area around the Mediterranean.

K: What makes your formulas so special?

R: We want to reinforce the value of bathing as a way of purifying and beautifying body and soul. Our products both promote healthy skin, while relaxing the mind. Plus, we have our exclusive plant complex, Nutri-Détente®, gorgeous, glamorous packaging and the unique the union of the beautiful and the natural.

K: What are the ingredients in this complex?

R: The Nutri-Détente® Complex offers a distinct synergy of three ingredients: apricot kernel oil, lime blossom extract or lime blossom water, and mallow flower extract. Individually, these ingredients are good, but when put together they create a formidable complex that has proven moisturizing, nourishing, soothing and regenerating properties.

K: I always like to know what type of preservatives a product has. What does Suzanne aux bains. use?

R: Our products are based on high quality essential oils, floral waters and vegetable oils derived from organic farming. We’re proud to have obtained the Ecological and Organic Cosmetic seal from Ecocert, an international organic organization. The Suzanne aux bains. line is free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, colorants, synthetic fragrances or animal ingredients. We mainly uses natural preservatives like amino acid, levulinic acid, undecylenoyl glycine, organic alcohol and vegetable glycerin. In addition, the essential oils used, such as Lavender and Chamomile have preserving properties. Only a very few synthetic preservatives, which are accepted by Ecocert, are used in a minimal quantity in order to guarantee a maximum of efficiency in terms of preservation (benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, potassium sorbate).

K: What is the Suzanne aux bains. bathing ritual?

R: It’s a three step process that optimizes the benefits of skincare, called APA in French (BDA in English):

A for « Avant » (Before): to prepare the skin for beauty care (facial mask, body scrub)
P for « Pendant » (During): to rediscover the original contact with water (body wash, bath foam)
A for « Après » (After): to sublimate the skin in order to optimise the positive effect of the treatment (day or night treatment, body milk, massage oil)

K: Who is your line targeted to?

R: Suzanne aux bains. line is truly for anyone in search of pleasure and well-being, as well as people who like to associate the beautiful with the natural, who are sensitive to organic products and to alternative brands. Our face care products are suitable for all types of skin, especially sensitive, or sometimes irritated skin.