Makeup Artist Must Haves

March 3, 2009

Applying makeup is easier than painting a masterpiece, but it takes plenty of the right tools and tricks. Luckily in my years in the industry I’ve discovered some of the products you’ll find in every makeup artist’s kit to help you achieve gorgeous results in minutes.

Red carpet-worthy skin is all about the glow. You want to look radiant, but not shiny. To fake it, you can mix a dab of a shimmer product with your foundation or moisturizer. Or skip the mixing and use the Living Nature Soft Lights Illuminating Tint, a foundation with a touch of shimmer. Bronzer may be a summer staple, but makeup artists use it all year long. Apply just a bit to the areas where the sun touches your face-forehead, nose and cheeks-to brighten up a dull complexion. Finish with a little bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks. Be careful not to go overboard. You’re looking for a subtle glow-not a Miami tan. I love the Dr.Hauschka Bronzing Powder.

If you don’t need any bronzer, replace it with a powder such as the Dr.Hauschka Translucent Face Powder. But be careful when applying it. Too much powder looks cakey, fake and can settle into the lines of your face making you look older. Apply powder with a brush-not a puff-for a more translucent effect. For both your bronzer and your face powder, using a giant face brush is key. If you use a small brush, chances are you’ll end up with streaks. A high-quality brush is pricier, but the results are worth it. Plus in the case of the powder brushes from Dr.Hauschka and Living Nature, you’re also paying for ones that are cruelty-free.

If your eyeshadow slips away before lunchtime, apply a shadow base. But instead of clogging up your makeup bag with an additional product, you can use your cream concealer instead. The NVEY Eco Organic Erase Corrective Makeup conceals blemishes and dark circles, but it also works as a shadow base. Simply pat a small amount onto your eyelids before applying your eye makeup. To help your eyes appear brighter, you need a shimmery white or cream-colored pencil. This is a trick I love to make me look better rested than I actually am. I love the Dr.Hauschka Eyeliner Duo, which has a dark gray shade on one side and a shimmering white on the other. Use the white end on the inner corners of your eyes. Just blend slightly after applying and voila brighter eyes in seconds. This trick also works well with the Suki Triple Cream Eye Definer in Gossamer.

What mascara advertisements won’t tell you (beside the fact that those lashes in the magazine ad have been digitally enhanced) are that most of the time the makeup artist has actually applied two different mascaras to get the look. Layering mascaras is much-used trick in the industry. Start with one for volume such as the Living Nature Thickening Mascara. Then apply a coat of a mascara suited for lengthening such as the Dr.Hauschka Volumizing Mascara. If you don’t have the urge to buy two different mascaras, simply use this trick: apply one coat of your favorite mascara to all of your top lashes. Then apply a second coat only to the outer top lashes. This helps your eyes look bigger and slightly sultrier.

The trick to getting long-lasting lip color that isn’t dry, is also a matter of layering. Start with a stain like the Suki Pure Cream Stain. After applying it, blot off the excess, apply another layer and finish with a lip balm or gloss to add shine and moisture. You can add a gloss with color to slightly alter the shade of the lip stain or use a clear lip balm like the Jurlique Lip Care Balm.  To make lips appear fuller add just a touch of a gloss to the center of your bottom lip after applying a lipstick. I love the Living Nature Sheer Shimmering Lip Gloss collection. The name says it all-the formulas are natural, sheer and shiny. Finally, make sure to clean your brushes often and replace any makeup that you’ve had longer than two years.